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  1. 600cc injectors , Walbro 255 and some rear tyres for the Zed
  2. Having two cars?

    I think its a great idea. I have been running x2 cars for ages I have a 350z for weekend/fun driving and a 1985 1.6L for laser as a dayly/tracffic combat car It works out well because you can save money one Fuel, Rubber, and you dont have to put millions of K's on you pride and joy every day Typically I drive the laser 4/5 work days and to the shopping center. and the 350z any other time i feel like it The trick to having x2 cars is to keep the costs of the second car as low as possible. 1. Low price (less money sent on buying the car = More money to spent one go fast bits for your real car) 2. 3 or 4cyl NA (great on fuel) (cheaper on Rego) 3. Stock'o wheels(cheap rubber) 4. Low tech (i do all the work on the laser, because is simple and i can fix it with a hammer) Plus then when you get to drive the S15 it will feel good. you will enjoy it much more
  3. Holly Crap Dude! I take my hat off to you! This is has extreme attention to detail, I will be keen to see the finished car!
  4. Brett's SR22VET S1480

    This thing is shaping up to be amazing. I shall be watching for updates Keep up the good work
  5. Ghost-Mobile

    A good bloke sold you this to fund his 350z build
  6. ! GRAPHIC CONTENT ! ***promo video***

    Thats awesome,
  7. Twin Turbo 350z

    Thats so much better, the other rims were just so wrong but i like these ones alot Do you kow what they are called and the spec's?
  8. Mitch's 350z

  9. Mitch's 350z

  10. In my S13 silvia i removed all the boot trims and carpet, Plus removed the lower section of the rear seat and just folded the top half down to cover the floor where the bottom half should hav been i found that to be a happy medium, at first look that car had full interiors but i saved several KG's i would say upwards of 10 or 12 the downside was from the wrong angle you could see the brake lights ha ha!
  11. Onevia or Sileighty?

    Sil80 S13 and 15
  12. Your wheels...

    +1 these are sick, i want them in 19" on my 350z
  13. my z

    Looking sharp Don't you need to run front numberplates in the US?
  14. Mitch's 350z