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  1. Stamping new engine #

    Attempted it myself but there's minimal room to swing a hammer. Still looking for a place to do it if anyone can recommend
  2. Had the impound call me today asking when I'm gonna pick up the car, how's the nerve, they take over a month to tell me anything then they want the car gone straight away. Gosh I love SAPOL
  3. Basically had my car seized over a month ago when I attempted to transfer it to SA reg. anyway they've finally informed me that the engine number has been interfered with and they've supplied me a new engine number, however I need to get it stamped on. Anyone know a workshop that does this? Transport SA informed me that there are workshops in Adelaide that do it, but that wouldn't go as far as to tell me which ones.
  4. Unsure whether it has a defect sticker as it's still at the compound, it didn't have one when they seized it. Just been told to get the number they've supplied me stamped on the block and then take it back to the ID check to have it approved. Pretty annoying when I've got a vin check with the correct number coming up.
  5. That's what I think, think they f**ked up, wasted my time and decided to cover their tracks, by making this up. But what am I suppose to do.
  6. Pretty much, they claim the engine number that's on that block has been altered, but that number came up when I did a vin check so f'knows.
  7. Haha think il take it easy. Just got an email with a few more details and for whatever reason I have to get a new engine number stamped to the block. Anyone know workshops that will do this? Bloody pain in the arse.
  8. For those who've been wondering, finally got a call today, was from the inspection officer that seized it, rather than someone from major crime. This kind of suprised me as I was told it was in major crimes hands. Anyway he basically just told me it's available to pick up, said they had and issue with the engine number but the cops were happy with it in the end. (Only took 5 weeks of being left in the dark). Fingers crossed it's sticker less when I go pick it up. Cheers for your info and help guys.
  9. Be 3 weeks on Monday since it was taken and still got no idea what's going on. Had one phone call from a female detective last week saying she was responding to my messages if left and that she'd call me when she has any info. Claimed she was still waiting for the report to come in from the impound. In an attempt to speed up the process, I told her I was leaving the country in a few days for a few weeks and that it would be hard to get in contact. She just said she could contact me via email and gave me little indication of when that may be. Pretty frustrated but luckily it's not my primary car and I can get by without it, just annoying having a constant thought about it in the back of my mind.
  10. Thing is vin and engine numbers matched, colour is original and matched, and a vin check came up with nothing. Was registered in Vic with that vin/engine number until feb this year, surely it would have been picked up there?
  11. Hash it's horrible. Nope just getting dicked around, obviously in a stack of paperwork on someone's desk. Called enough times that they've told me they'll call me. Il give them another go tomorrow. What happened with your car?
  12. Thanks pmod, I might try that avenue. I figure they won't elaborate because in the circumstance that you have done something wrong, if they tell you what they've found then it gives you time to elaborate a story.
  13. Did a vin check and came up with the same engine number, no money owing and no theft issues. So not sure what could be wrong. Don't feel I've done anything wrong, if the mod plate was an issue why wouldn't they just send me to regency (pit inspection).
  14. Just went through the ID check with a car I bought in Victoria late last year, only just doing it now as I've lacked motivation and I've had a lot of work to do on it to try and get I through without being sent to regency. Anyway long story short they seized my car, claiming that there were some discrepencies and couldn't elaborate any further. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this? Did it end up being something serious? Or just a minor issue? Hoping that it's nothing major but I'm stressing a little. The car had a QLD mod plate for being a 2seater, I was putting it through with the rear seat in. Also has a later model sr in it, but was told by previous owner that it was registered with that engine #. (This could be untrue and possibly the source of the issue. ) However I thought they would be able to sort this out rather than have it towed of to the impound. Cheers guys.
  15. Sidd Rishi Photography

    love it