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  1. I was until Wesfiro worked his magic... But due to the assclowns at Repco i am lower control armless
  2. Work wanted

    Ur mum? Fark you have to be pretty qualified to manage something that big champ
  3. NS.COM Newcastle FORTNIGHTLY Meets

    I should really try get this shit happening now that unfortunately i have a lot of spare time My piece of shit 34 should be back on the road this weekend and i know some of you guys are of doing the Dori, so ill have to find a start date and see who's keen on catching up and having a bbq out near the beach and shit...?
  4. Work wanted

    Secrets remain in the container
  5. Work wanted

    Hey guys, The first container is arriving next week and the 2nd the week after. Email me your details and a quick resume on mattw@rwepkg.com.au and ill give it to the boss. We already have a few people interested, i did a container on Friday and it took around 8 hours with 2 helpers. If you cant email me you can drop a resume into Tomago if you like. Its basic labour work, you go into this big blue thing - And you stack the cartons nice and neat so that the end result looks like this - PS - what happens in the container....Stays in the container
  6. Work wanted

    Correct-e-fkn-mondo! I have 3 x 40ft containers booked over the next few weeks so ill post up details if i need a hand...
  7. Work wanted

    I may have some casual work coming up at work in the next few months unloading 40ft containers..... But it'd only be a day here and a day there. It would have to be proper work (on the books) and not a cash job... I'll post a thread once i know more, I'll do the first one here by myself to get an idea whats required
  8. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    I nearly crashed the other day as i was shaking my head in disgust at it and forgot i was driving and meant to be paying attention.... Your doing it wrong Ulay!!!
  9. Whos who in newy

    Hmm i didn't know pulsars came from the factory with Semi slick tyres Its a stealthy conversion, nice work I'll meet you on the next cruise... Lucky you
  10. Tuesday night Steak Meat......I mean Meet.....

    I should have been Long story... Can we organise another dinner just for me
  11. Cruise 18th October

    Haha, still surprising though... I was in the Yaris with the crazy asian and when you boosted past a was like WTF?
  12. Eventful day at PowerTune

    Buy josh's setup so he can go nuts with his car
  13. Eventful day at PowerTune

    dont be a skirt go both gates to atmosphere..! yeah thats wat ive done its gonna sound nuts when both gates crack open at the same time I'd want to hear what difference twin screamers have compared to a single, if it is only running 3 cylinders per screamer wont it be a completely different sound? Or will it just be f**kin loud?
  14. Eventful day at PowerTune

    Damn you guys do some good work Why is it necessary to run twin gates though? Couldn't you plumb 1 gate to do the job?
  15. Eventful day at PowerTune

    Nope, that's not what the "Twin Scroll" means, it is referring to the turbo design... Its a very simple but smart idea