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  1. Silver type x could of been mine different front n rear rims?
  2. Stereosonics

    WORD haha I loved every bit of it. afrojack was the best
  3. Have you guys got a number of how many people will be heading out on the cruise?

    or just buy my type x... if not then both the guys above are great
  5. Eboost street2 issues

    Could have put the waste gate vac line to the other side which creates unlimited boost
  6. Having two cars?

    Ive been driving my 180 daily and recently bought a bike, got my lerners and its soo good.. rego under $100 oh and the petrol usage is soo good the other week got 170km from $10 still reving it high... Put everything in my bag and off i go... only downside is the mornings n late nights get a bit too cold... and the feeling of jumping back into my 180 is 10x better, and then i just wanna jump back on the bike haha
  7. What multi are you using?

    I just take 1 centrum and 2 fish oil tablets a day
  8. J-Imports / Homerrules Feedback

    Bought Coilovers from him.. Paid $1250 for cusco zero 2 with only 5,000km on them... Recieved Zero 1 coilovers with over 50,000 km on them, spent a week talking to him and in the end he made up a Business condition saying- no refunds after 7 days. and decided to give me back $100.. then after some abusive msgs he took back that offer... if i ever see him ill get my money back. sold the coilovers for $700 lost $550 in the end
  9. machines for cutting alloy

    Air-Driven Die Grinder + many other air-driven tools. Electric angle grinder and cutter.
  10. the man himself

    I love Eminem purely for his old stuff.. Im hoping I can get tickets
  11. Paint Job Gone bad

    Did you use thinners?
  12. Im after a new wallet

    Stick to your quicksilver shit, i buy quality stuff to hold my money Im following Kranze here. that photo looks like 2 sheets of leather and some card slots.. I have a JAG wallet which is probarbly the same price as that, and its atleast got a coin slot.. Everyone has there own opinion, like me i love the smallest and thinnest wallet that will still hold cash n cards, and coins go in the little pocket that most pants have or tips
  13. Im after a new wallet

    Stick to your quicksilver shit, i buy quality stuff to hold my money
  14. Im after a new wallet

    Got abit exited over this wallet talk that I just bought a slim one off oroton website $94 delivered not bad
  15. Im after a new wallet

    I love the slim wallets Oroton have the best ones, 2 pocket for noted folded in half 6 card slots and tiny pocket for a few coins
  16. Ok well about 2 weeks about my car was running fine holding boost well, but over the two weeks it started boost creeping, and I can’t seem to fix it. Specs: 1996 180sx, With a T28 bush bearing... 3" turbo back, intercooler, pod, catch can, all the usual stuff. Boost is being controlled by a turbosmart eBoost street for the last year (bought brand new). I drive with it set on 11psi with a safety over boost shut down at 14psi. Now i remember as far as 2 weeks ago it cutting power when I boosted but never bothered to look at the gauge/controller. Only recently I figured that the power cut was the boost controller shutting down due to over boosting, it starts on 11psi and creeps to 13 in second and in third hits 14psi sometimes. Nothing has been changed/adjusted on my car the ebc hasn’t had its setting adjusted either, what is causing it to creep? Last thing that was put on the car was a bigger rad, oil filter relo kit and catch can all about 2months ago, except rad was put in a month ago For now I’ve set ebc to 9psi still spiking to 13 Any help would be great
  17. The Football Thread

    2-2 bara & madrid... second leg here we come. lol at chelsea, liverpool & arsenarl drawing
  18. Condiments

  19. wedding cars

    let me know if you want a Mustang or XY GT Maybe a corvette 58
  20. exhaust pics

    From this... Cannon came with car To this ... AMPerformace Cat back Finally to this... AMPerfomance Pipes
  21. Cordless rattle gun

    Haha like your thinking

    Thats some horriable editing... the sound go high then low then high... but yeh well done