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  1. just make sure lock to lock is the same. pointless your wheels being straight if they turn right further than they turn left...
  2. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    Sorry to hear about this dude. This worries me too. I pay for full comp on my car and quite often I'm low on cash and due to the cost I'm always thinking of going back to just 3rd party so I know how you feel!
  3. Tattoo Designers

    Try Amanda Cain @ Green Lotus in Brunswick, 9388 2855 She should be available Tues to Sat between 11am-6pm. Don't know if she just does designs or what but give it a shot. Though ideally, I think you need to find a tattoo artist who focusses on the style you're after
  4. Inspection for S15 in Melb

    Unless you're into STDs and materinty lawsuits I wouldn't be getting hookers from Broadmeadows.
  5. New numberplate slogan

    The place to be impounded. Everything is an impound offense now
  6. Sky News Report - New Numplate Slogan Vic - Revenue Raising State
  7. Hey guys, Just thought an interesting eBook for some of you would be Impreza Driving Techniques. This has been written by Simon De Banke, who set the Guinness World Record for longest powerslide in his Impreza. He has also co-driven with Petter Solberg and scored a Championship Victory in 2003. Find it here Whats Inside: 1) FOREWORD by Phil Mills 2) INTRODUCTION 3) IMPORTANT WARNING 4) AWD – WHAT’S THE DIFF(ERENCE)? ...... Standard Drive Train ...... DCCD ...... DCCD-A ...... Which Impreza do You Have? 5) THE AFFECTS OF AWD ON THE HANDLING 6) THE SECRET OF NATURAL ABILITY 7) BASIC VEHICLE DYNAMICS ...... TYRES ...... THE CONTACT PATCH ...... SLIP ANGLE ...... TRACTION CIRCLE ...... THE AFFECT OF VERTICAL LOAD ON THE TYRE 8) THE SMOOTH WAY TO THE LIMIT 9) THE TECHNIQUES ...... LIFT OFF OVERSTEER ...... HANDBRAKE TURN ...... TRAIL BRAKING ...... POWER SLIDE ...... LEFT FOOT BRAKING ...... SCANDINAVIAN FLICK ...... HANDRAKE BETWEEN PARKED CARS ...... J TURN ...... DONUT ...... JUMPS ............. Take off ............. Flight Control (Yes really!) ............. Landing ...... HEEL & TOE 10) PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER ...... A LAP OF THE MIRA WET HANDLING CIRCUIT ...... WET ROUNDABOUT ...... WORLD RECORD WALK THROUGH ...... KEN BLOCK VIDEO WALKTHROUGH Find it here
  8. Mobile thread repairer in Melb

    Go buy a tap & die set? Wont be the first or last time you thread something
  9. Melbourne Drivers driving too fast

    Dunno how cops are gonna rock up at his house if the guy has refused to swap details
  10. Melbourne Drivers driving too fast

    Should've put your key on his front quarter panel. If he chooses to leave the scene of an accident without exchanging details, he's the only one that can be blamed for the huge white line down his car.
  11. Take it to PM. My 2c which are probably worth 0c... if the buyer requested finance be removed prior to final payment and the seller agreed, the buyer should be entitled to their deposit back as the seller has caused the sale to fall through by agreeing to something they couldn't/wouldn't arrange.
  12. buying from states

    A few people use Bongo Freight Forwarding... Google it.
  13. Roadworthy Recommendation

    I think you'll find that places which have been investigated and/or have been found to be issuing roadworthies which are dodgy will now have to do this (take photos, etc).