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  1. Looking to extend my front LCA on S14 approx 20mm to gain more front camber. Does anyone know how much more camber (approx) I will get from this?
  2. I sent an email once and gor a reply 7 months later....good luck!
  3. Thinking of putting some adjustable rear traction arms into a silvia for supersprints and was wondering how to adjust them to gain more grip in the rear end? Also is there a way of monotoring how much there adjusted as I'am fairly sure most alignment shops don't adjust rear castor etc?
  4. wouldn't the rear be sloppy as a mofo then..? Also the car is being set up for super sprint.
  5. Have a 22mm swaybar in my silvia and find it's still to stiff (rear), currently on the softest setting aswell. Is there other ways to loosen it up as in loosen the bushes off slightly? Other then that I was thinking to go for the 20mm bar or back to standard. Is there much difference in the 22mm and 20mm rear bars or is it literally 5% softer? Thanks.
  6. Insurance questions

    its called "agreed value" you "douche"....you don't just make up a magical number and thats what they insure you for......your making my head hurt...
  7. Insurance questions

    yeah...I rang up yesterday and got my S13 insured for $80,000

    we decided to be nice and offer you help instead of going into direct competition. that didn't work, so Plan B it is. I'am betting there sh**ing there pants right now...considering there doing it for fun.....
  9. 18x9.5 +12 all round on S14?

    except the tops are cambered in as far as they go ......so I guess the options now are - only run -2 or -2.5 camber and no spacers - run spacers and keep the -3.5 camber **remember car is dedicated circuit (not street).
  10. 18x9.5 +12 all round on S14?

    Bah! Got the 18x9.5 +15 and they hit the strut...looks like I'll need at least 20mm spacers on the front I'am running -3.5 camber and this is also adjusted via the bottom coilover bracket....I'am guessing if I pushed the camber back out via the strut bottom the rim wouldn't hit as much...BUT...wouldn't be great as I'am using the car for track work
  11. 18x9.5 +12 all round on S14?

    lol...what did I just post above you... yeah thats it, will make room if need be. My main concern is the wheel hitting the strut though.
  12. 18x9.5 +12 all round on S14?

    255/35/18...and before anyone asks, no I'am not going to a smaller tyre size. If anything I want to go 265 or 275 as th car is circuit not drift etc.
  13. Looking at running 18x9.5 +12/+15/+18 (depending on wheel) and was wondering if there is going to be any major issues with scrubbing on the front? Will be running -3 camber (track car). Also will that width wheel with that ofset hit the coilover? Last thng I want is to purchase the correct wheel and still have to run a spacer.....
  14. anyone keen for An AFL tipping competition again this year?

    trying to get your post count up...or just bored..?