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  1. My R34 4 door N/A

    cheers mate yeh she is pretty clean, goodluck with them posts
  2. such a nice s15 love it
  3. My R34 4 door N/A

    my r34 4 door non turbo ive had it for a few months hasnt let me down i just need more power slides good for a non turbo here are some specs R32 GTR Wheels, HKS Coilovers Front And Rear, White Line SwayBars Front And Rear, SplitFire CoilPacks, TwinPipe Custom Exhaust, Extractors, Summit Front Strut Bar, R33 Lsd Diff (needs to be welded , R33 Non Hicas Rear End Thanks
  4. has 80,000km on the clock car runs fine never missed a beat, just done service say 1000km ago with motul oils, allways ran on 95-98 occtane nothing but Caltex. ive done abit of mods in the last months such as HKS COILOVERS HYPER MAX, R32 GTR WHEELS, NON HICAS REAR END, SPLITFIRE COILPACKS, CUSTOM MADE EXTRACTORS, R33 NON ABS LSD DIFF, FRONT HEADLIGHT EYE LIDS, HAS SOUND SYSTEM PIONNER SUB AND AMP AND A KENWOOD DECK, XENONS FACTORY GAS HEAD LIGHTS, SUMMIT STRUT BAR (FRONT, also comes with stock shocks,springs,WHITELINE SWAY BARS FRONT AND REAR AND A FEW MORES BITS AND PIECES WILLING TO SWAP FOR A TURBO SO SHOW MW WHAT YOU GOT 0457 245 473
  5. The moonshine bonanza. Now with suitable power.

    thats nicee n clean man
  6. Winton Drift sat the 6th

    anyone take anypiks of mehh??/ white 180sx number 112. driveing on L plates
  7. Winton Drift sat the 6th

  8. Your best drift mod?

    2way & recaro sr3
  9. hey all i want to change my manifold and turbo gasket. but do i have to buy from nissan? or can i just go to berson or RNE and buy it? do they sell them cheers guyss only thing wrong is that one nut has fall off its the rh rear one out of the 4 nuts on the studs. its not leaking or anything should i try to fit a nut on or should i just take the turbo off and put new gaskets wat u guys think?? its not leaking remember that hehe just needs one more nut.. thanks heaps guys
  10. in japan spent $20 on redbull and vodka. then i meet this jap chick then she payed every thing and i still smackdd that ass haha.. best night eva for mehh
  11. S2K Seats

    i can get ya some from japan i got a container leaving in 3weeks. around $700 for black and $850 for red.. with rails.. cheers pj japanese option
  12. my gasket is sweet just needs nuts and that now.. lolzz na sounds like an indian job
  13. same thing happen to mine the nuts came lose and now they are gone. but i just put a nut on it for the time been cause i need to go and buy some longnuts so it wont happen on the 6th
  14. my daily turned slider 180sx

    weres this seat rail????/ huh kentt