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  1. Car accidents you've been in

    It has almost been a year since my accident. It was my pride and joy but I am just glad both my boyfriend and I were ok. He suffered 7 fractures to his skull and I copped major bruising to my legs. It took a few weeks but my boyfriend recovered and I was able to walk normally again. It was the scariest night of my life, just remember you can always be vulnerable.
  2. magic autoworks contact

    Just to inform you it had nothing to do with them not paying bills
  3. magic autoworks contact

    Adam and Jas have made attempts to call about this rim. The rim is sitting there waiting to be picked up. Private MSG me for his number
  4. Buying a car with finance on it

    I did the same, bought a car from act and was bringing it to nsw. I made him go to the actual bank with me, I had a cheque and gave it to the branch he had finance with on the spot. Then while I was there they printed the letter to say it was cleared and no longer to be used as an asset to his finance loan. I'm normally very sketchy on any vehicle with finance but it was the cleanest 32 I'd seen. Have since sold the car though.
  5. S15 Problem

    I have the exact same problem and only makes the noise when initially moving for 2sec or so. I have a jdm 99 also and we pulled the clutch out as that is where the sound was originating from. Found I had a nismo hypersingle clutch and flywheel (apparently these are pretty common). We replaced clutch and problem stayed. Was told that it was the locator bearing in the single mass flywheel as it is self centering. Sound goes away after it has centered itself.
  6. NSW Spotted Thread

    Spotted white s15 on the Great Western Highway near Doonside Rd this afternoon and behind me a 180 with plates to the effect of 'xplosive' (can't remember actual plate combination)
  7. Wanna meet people with hot cars

    Hey Liz how you been? Keen for a catch up early Jan?
  8. Wanna meet people with hot cars

    I'm down for one, I'm always keen
  9. Bad English on this forum.

    I am almost 26 and tertiary educated. There was an entire generation who missed out on the grammatical focus in literacy at school. Most of our parents would have been taught grammar and the children currently at school are learning it too. I was not taught grammar and therefore people from my generation would have also missed out (in most public schools in NSW). That being said, I still think it is important to model correct English spelling and structure (that is the teacher in me coming out). Half of the posts on here are completely miscontrued purely because the context was misinterpreted. This is obviously avoided by correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. There is a difference between being clear and concise, to rambling on with bullsh*t to get your point across.
  10. Nick at Racetige in taren point has been awesome with both my r32 and s15. have tracked both and couldnt be happier. Racetige: 0433269014
  11. awesome.......I shall be ordering next pay day
  12. NSW Girl Cruise

    Hi there! Haven't had a meet up in a while due to weather and personal commitments. It's long overdue though.
  13. Wanna meet people with hot cars

    It feels like all the girls are M.I.A. these days......even in NSW I've been MIA since I moved to QLD pretty much cause I didnt have a computer, until now Good to be back! It has been a while....thought you skipped out......need more girls in NSW though, no-one is up for meets anymore it seems
  14. NSW Spotted Thread

    OMG your a chick? lol pete you gronk... thats Erin.. the Mrs lol spotted a clean type x on king georges rd this morning.. missed the plates.. chidge was that you? I know you peanut! I'll give you a call tonight, going to register the car and go for a few late night runs. I did tell him you were joking.....he's abit slow