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  1. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 122000 Price : $19,900 Condition : Used Most likely one of the most complete s15's, with cosmetics and power. Car has been setup to be responsive down low as it is a daily driven vehicle. Currently tuned to 219kw at the wheels with a usable and consistant power delivery. Was previously tuned on E85 and made 241kw at the wheels. ***2012 Highest Horsepower Forced Induction 4 cylinder at Extreme Horsepower Cosmetics: Pewter full vertex kit weather shields (rare) rolled and flaired guards Wheels/Suspension/Brakes: Work VSKF 18x8 and 18x9.5 - negotiable if sold soon Fully adjustible (Height, damper, camber etc) BC coil overs 6kg and 8kg. Has been professionally set up. Front and rear sway bar Front strut brace (ARC?) R34 GTR Brembo slotted rotors with 8pot calipers on front and slotted rotors with 6pot caliper rears. Pads recently changed using Brembo pads. Power and support: GT2871 Apexi filter z32 afm Full Jasma approved Apexi system from turbo with split dump Hybrid FMIC Nismo 740cc injectors Bosch 044 intank Braided lines to run E85 PowerFC with hand controller Cusco catch can As expected, everything works. Much care is taken to keep a car like this in prestine condition, such as regular servicing with quality fluids etc. Of course a weekly wash and fornightly wax. Has necessaties such as Alpine deck with Polk Audio sound system and top of the range Aus approved alarm. All reasonable offers considered. *genuine dmax carbon bonnet not included in sale, will come with standard bonnet.
  2. Pacquiao VS Mayweather

    Pacman all the way.. I agree he needs to get into his previous state before all the politics etc. But one thing we all know is, he wants this fight more than anyone. I think his bad performance may have increased his chances in fighting mayweather, now mayweather might think he has a stronger chance beating manny. I have always thought mayweather is just waiting for manny to be at his lowest before fighting him. Either way, mayweather is still a sting opponent. We just need the pacman that retired fighters back.
  3. Rusty-- The build

    best write ups ever, car looks insane
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ln_omwmIEu4&list=PLA21ED0D9CC56127E&index=1 gotta watch part 3 and Best fail 2011 which are linked on the video enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xjEU6V2pe8 motivates me to do my best in everything i do
  5. Life's Questions

    good read
  6. Motivational Posters

    was a good night
  7. Leaning

    could of got front and rear wrong, i got all the concepts right. i just can't bring myself to go any lower? i know i gotta push the way i want to go and look where i want to go, is there anything i need to do with my body or riding position? i guess i might just have to go into the hills (when the weather clears) and get more exp and hope it just comes naturally.
  8. Leaning

    thats wat i've heard, don't get me wrong im not trying to rush this cos i know thats wen accidents happen. But for the last 4 months i've been riding everyday, even in the wet and cold (except extreme weather). Confidence goes up and down, and when i mean lean, i just mean taking a corner at the same pace a car does. i lean to a certain point, but i can't seem to lean enough to take a corner just that little bit faster e.g bend along highway where speed limit 90, i take it at 70 cos i cant lean low enough. i usually sit on my seat (might sit more to a certain side durring cornering or when theres strong wind) ride through my handle bars (sometimes i move body, feels natural) tyre pressures, front 35 psi back 33psi. i think, had another dude on a bike give me a hand at the servo, wrote them down but not on me atm. what shoud they be? i have read the PACE, first thing i did when i found this section.
  9. Leaning

    i've been on a few bike forums, riding sa etc. noticed that there is not really that much active users. seems to be more on ns.com. to the point, i have had my license for about 4 months, first time on a bike was when i went for my license. i currently ride a cbr250rr how do you guys lean so low, i feel like im gonna tip the bike when i lean. i've been over the whole technique they teach on the course over and over, where i look, pushing the bars etc. also trying to keep the bike straight on a windy day seems like a job in itself, specially going over 70kms/h. whats the secret? any positive input appreciated...
  10. streetfighters...

    i like naked fairing bikes, never even heard about these properly till now...imo they tough, would love to have one eventually
  11. Kevlar Jeans Cheap

    could you maybe post up more details, like shop name etc. fair interested
  12. Kevlar Jeans Cheap

    i tried the link but it says store is unavailable
  13. driving home, was on main north road near the toyota dealer (forget name of road that intersects could be montague rd). green vs attempts to power slide or watever while turning left, ends up understeering over the island into oncoming traffic. luckily no cars, goes back over the island to get into proper lane. a lot of sparks, seemed like the most random incident at the time as i was feeling sleepy/tired. is there a thread for random incidents people encounter?
  14. Good paint jobs in SA ?

    another +1 for spike, did the kit on the my V35 in white pearl, did a pretty good job matching too...pearl is hard enough to paint, let alone matching