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  1. Steering Issue

    Well I'm getting new steering rack bushes, trying to do one thing at a time till i fix the problem, sorry mate no HICAS - i wish it was that easy haha
  2. Steering Issue

    Hey Just having this problem. When im straightening up coming out of a slide, the steering is all centered but the car feels as though its still steering slightly off so it sort of takes off slightly in the direction of the slide. Its definately not understeer but I have noticed it is more likely to happen if i'm still not fully out of the turn. I'm thinking it may be because steering rack bushes are on the way out or my diff is wearing out a bit(time for a reshim, but it still spins 2 quite easy) Everything on the front is stock except for castor rods and coilovers. All the control arm bushes are fine. I run slight toe out with about -2.8 camber and around 6.75 castor(The car is an na SR also). I have tried a few different lines/styles so i exit with more speed or get more wheel spin through the turn but I have no clue why it happens. I have been told it may be the stock steering spacer and replace it with an alloy one? Well any opinions/feedback is much appreciated Thanks Jay
  3. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    Hey man is that front bar aftermarket or a nismo item. Where did you get it from? Can PM me if you want. Cheers
  4. 16" or 17" rims

    I don't mind the look of drift teks as I was thinking of gettin them. I dont mind how the wheels look as I am going for more function over form. So I was wanting to know if there is a big difference in performance between the 16" and 17" rims and what would be a more suitable application for an NA car.
  5. Hey I am looking to buy new rims as my drifitng is getting better and the stock wheels need to be upgraded cos of understeer and slow tyre response. I'm only looking at spending around 1200 for rims. Its an na s13 so i'm looking at keeping the wheels light as possible as I'd like to keep it na for a little while after Ps till I need to upgrade power to learn more. I have seen alot of s13's using 17's so I wanted to get some opinions on what would be better for my application as a daily and weekend drifter. I have thought about drift teks but they are a tad heavy so really I just wanted some pros and cons on 16's and 17s and opinions on what would be suitable for my application. Thanks Jay
  6. Fuel Fumes

    Thanks for the help. Jay
  7. Fuel Fumes

    Brisbane and we did have a heat wave above 30 degrees Celsius. The gas tank was well above the halfway mark and its been doin the same thing as it gets lower. Also is it better to have vaccum or positive pressure when opening the fuel cap? Thanks Jay
  8. Hey After a drive I get out of the car and smell fuel vapours, They are coming from out under the fuel lid cover. I opened it and heard a hissing noise and smelt strong fuel odour coming from around the fuel cap because its releasing pressure. What could be causing this and if i fix the problem would this pressure in the fuel tank cause a problem? I am thinking that the fuel vapour emission pipe that runs to the emmissions canister may be blocked or clogged thats why it may be building up pressure. Let us know what you think or if you have had a similar problem or how it can be fixed. Thanks Jay
  9. It will fit if the R32 diff has 4 studs on the cover plate and your subframe has 4 holes where the diff cover plate sits in. Your car will need 5 bolt half shafts to bolt up with the diff. However I'm sure S13's have 6 bolt(3x2) pattern half shafts. Check to be sure. If the car has 5 bolt half shafts then it should fit in easy no modifications required unless you have an aftermarket exhaust that may hit the R200 as it is a wider diff then the R180. Jay
  10. intake pipe...

    Hey man Dejan summed it up pretty well with the picture. But the line your talking about connects to the Emissions cannister sitting beside the radiator. Its black and it will have 1 thin and 2 thick rubber pipes that is supposed to connect to it. Have a look and you will see what I am talking about. If there isnt a thin pipe connected to the top of it then thats were it belongs. This lil pipe runs from the bottom of the throttle body to the emissions cannister. The larger vaccum pipe on the top of your throttle body also runs back to the emissions cannister so you should have no problem finding it. The last large pipe is connected to your fuel tank for emissions purposes. A battery relocation is fairly easy providing you know what your doing. I'd suggest moving your battery first then doing the intake after the battery has been moved. Have a search as there are a few battery relocation articles around on NS that will help. Jay
  11. intake pipe...

    Hey mate, The hole under your air box is for the intercooler pipes on turbo models, but is easily made into a cold air duct using some flexible ducting from bunnings. The lil thin pipes that run from the throttle body(the intake section your referring to). These are vaccum pipes and need to be connected to something or simply blocked off if you dont need them as you dont want unsensored air entering your engine(vaccum leak) altering you air/fuel ratio. This can cause things as uneven/rough idle, running rich(too much fuel in air/fuel mixture) or lean(too much air in air fuel mixture)and generally running rough. Check out this thread as it has a few pictures to see whats happening. If its legal though scrap the EGR and run the long line that connects to it straight into the Fuel Pressure regulator. Its the bit where the 'T' piece is on the line and that lil line runs to your Fuel Pressure Regulator. So run it straight from the throttle body to the Fuel pressure regulator and size it appropriately. Will get rid of that loose line and make it look cleaner. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=381149&st=0&p=5111014&hl=intake&fromsearch=1entry5111014\ Jay
  12. If it still grips and slightly locks then the viscous centre is working. A shim would work fine and is a cheaper option but if you are able to, go straight for a mechanical LSD.
  13. radiator cap...

    Could be a leak in a line under the intake, heater hose or the water pump maybe. Have a good look around the engine bay for a dry white residue which is usually coolant that has dried up.
  14. clunky drive train

    Yeah man thought so. My car has got clunk prob too but in a certain degree clunk lets you know the diff is alright but too much and yeah can be annoying.
  15. Michaels S13

    Hey man Looks the goods I've seen S13's pull of that style front bar with heap of dish and lowness. but overall looks pretty good. Any more suspension mods coming?