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  1. 2j and t56 package

    Would you separate the box and adapter plate?
  2. Wtb s14 front end parts

    Hey guys, I am after these for s14 Front LCAs Front knuckles and hubs Front guards Bonnet Grill Seat rails preferably lower than stock, but stock is fine R33gtst brakes R32gtr rear diff No rush for these parts as the car has been sitting without them for a while. Hopefully in qld but will pay postage if the price is righ
  3. Moving again sale.

    Is the 5 stud front and rear or just rear? Would you consider seperating
  4. silvia 180sx s15 s14 200sx parts clearout

    How much for the front control arms? And do you have hubs or knuckles?
  5. Hey guys, I'm in the process of building a 1.5jz with an r154 and am wanting to know what a decent twin plate is. My power goal would be around the 500hp mark with goals to push further in the future.
  6. Hey guys, I'm currently sorting out my fuel system for the s14 and I want to run speed flow and braided lines etc for it. However I can't figure out how to go from the stock tank. The factory lines go onto a plastic cover on top where the factory pump is (walbro 255 in my case) Trying to sus out ideas, what do other people do for this??
  7. Take a look at Ghosty's car. Cameron did the fender work and paint on that, as well as some minor accident damage. I can vouch for Cameron as I haven't seen other body work as good as his for a while.
  8. The Ls14, It's rego time mofos..

    Are you going to use Dakota boxes for the taco and speedo
  9. hey all, So ok here's the story of my car I used to drive a 1991 Toyota Camry and for what it was (auto 2ltr) it was good to just drive around and cheap on fuel. I then blew up the engine quite badly, leaking coolant into the cylinders and seizing the engine. so hunting around for a car, looking at getting back into the import scene again after owning a supra previously. found this 200sx on carsales and had it up for $8500. went out to have a look and after close inspection, runs in the paint, dodgy welds on the exhaust and ugly wheels, we bartered down to $5600. for an sr20det, 5spd, 180k kms full service history and receipts for everything. so within 2 weeks of saying im not going to modify it , I bought the following: coilovers toe arms camber arms castor rods fmic turbo manifold pod bov boost controller (set to 14psi) etc then driving in peak hour traffic a blocked radiator caused massive over heating problems. so stripped it all out to make way for a 1jzgte let me know what you think sorry about the crap quality they were all off the phone
  10. strip and sale... fresh start is needed

    Good thing I'm putting new coilovers in. The ones that were in it were some 999 mdu reds. Which I think were 8/10 and it looks like the drivers front was leaking something chronic. So once everything is pulled out and I get a start on filling the holes etc in the engine bay I'll start grinding the wheel arches etc and respray with under body spray to clean them up. But as long as the oil is there then I won't get any rust etc which is a bonus.
  11. My F31 Leopard

    So what's the deal with an f31 just a 2 door version of a laurel??
  12. strip and sale... fresh start is needed

    Yeah sorry mate just realised the one you were talking about. I've messaged the other guy as well and he's keen, I have them on eBay at the moment so just want the auction to end.
  13. strip and sale... fresh start is needed

    Yeah I messaged him, he is after aftermarket items. Thanks for the heads up I'll definitely be going with monos
  14. Hey guys, I'm hoping this is the right place. I'm curious as to whether or not a gtr sub frame will bolt in to my s14. I can get a disc to disc r32 gtr subframe for cheap but I don't want to waste money if I don't have to. I'm sick of breaking axles and want easier conversions for brakes etc. My project will require an absolute bullet proof setup.
  15. strip and sale... fresh start is needed

    Anyone chasing a front brake setup including knuckles from a 14?? Good for an s13 or 180 etc. I'm going with willwood and gktech parts for upgrade. Also have the stock bonnet for sale, great condition I'll be going blitz so no need for it. Pm me the best offer
  16. qld emissions

    Can someone please confirm if cars have to pass emissions for engine swap. Apart from mod plating and rwc what else is required. QLD only
  17. qld emissions

    Fantastic, that's what I wanted to know. I heard that there is very few places that will do emissions because the equipment is so expensive. I just want to get it on the road and then go from there to change what I need to later on I'd that were to happen.
  18. qld emissions

    Thanks mate, will call a few workshops and see what other info I can pull up as well. If no one updates I'll write my findings up here
  19. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    Are you going to weld and redrill the 1jz head oil port or are you getting a shop to do it??
  20. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    If you don't mind me asking how much are you looking at for the clutch? Only reason is I am upgrading to an r154 from a w58.
  21. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    Have you though anymore on what clutch you're going to use etc for the new setup?
  22. VC commodore... for the drifties

    Is it possible it is due to the weight of particular cars
  23. VC commodore... for the drifties

    OK is there any advise I need to know about installing/setting these up?? What sort of BMC would be the best to use. Considering I'm going to go probably gtr or similar rears.
  24. spare parts s13

    If your eBay hubs don't come let me know, I'm stripping some of my s14 and can sell you mine.
  25. strip and sale... fresh start is needed

    I was looking at the monoflex also. However as this is still going to be a street car I didn't really want something too stiff, but then take in mind that the engine in enough 70-100kg heavier I will need to look at something a bit stronger.