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  1. Price : $700 Condition : Used up for sale is 4 genuine rays light weight wheels. little bit of gutter rash on all 4. sizes are 17x9 + 24 x2 and 17x8 +24 x2 tyres are pretty average but i have 4 tyres to go with them with 40% tread on them. sit flush on stock s13 gaurds contact me by phone as im not on here often.
  2. Throttle pause?

    ^^^ correct^^ i have a similar problem with mine where as if you sit the pedal at about 3/4 it will cough and splutter but if you plant it its fine. i think iv got it nailed down to throttle position sensor.
  3. sr20 oil pump

    had a further inspection today the oil pump is on its way out but its not wats making the rattle the oil pump itself is making a wineing noise like a power steering pump would if it had low oil. the rattle itself i think is coming from the timing chain. so might just put a timing kit through it prob hasnt been changed since engine was made. and engine has only just recently been flushed and serviced.
  4. sr20 oil pump

    its a sr20 de and on cold start up it makes a loud rattle noise then once oil pressure comes up it dissapears. but recently its started doing it once oil pressure is up as well the noise is coming from the front near the oil pump area ita not bearing noise.
  5. sr20 oil pump

    hey guys my oil pump is starting to get a bit noisy recently going to replace in the next couple of days. just wanted to know before i start if i will have to take the timing chain off to get to it? or does it sit in front of it? thanks heaps
  6. Lakeside Breakfast No. 2 - PLEASE READ

    im in +1 reppin the daily 31 haha yew
  7. hey guys i desperately need to find somewhere that sells seperate rear adjustable spring and shock combos. the car is an R31 wagon aus spec and will be used for track only (drift). i already have a set of coilovers in the front just need the rears. ones like these >>>>
  8. custom susspension work

    anyone know where i can get springs and shocks like those from?
  9. custom susspension work

    ok thanks for the input really appreciate it...
  10. custom susspension work

    cause i didnt know you could get adjustable seperate spring and shock combos... where doyou get these from and can you get them for 31s??? thanks for that man
  11. hey guys alright a bit of info, i have a 1987 R31 skyline wagon, its a solid rear axle wich means the shocks and springs are seperate. now the plan is i want to put my s13 rear coilovers that i have in the rear as i already have done the conversion on the front( it looks like a f**king drag car) haha. ive already done a bit of research and it will be a fully custom job IE modifieng the floor pan and so on, this doesn't have to be a legal job as this is a track car only. ive spoken to the guys at pedders southport and they reckon they can do it for me, is there any other good susspension workshops on the coast that could do this job for me and do it well?? just want to get a few different oppinions from different workshops. cheers guys Chris.
  12. Hey guys! Myself, Ricky and a couple of other members of UNC decided we were gonna head to the movies tomorrow night (Thursday 17th) and watch Get Him To The Greek! If anyone would like to come along details are as follows. Where: Pacific Fair Cinemas When: Movie will start at 8:45pm but i suggest we all get there at 8:15 to buy our tickets and get our food and stuff as this is the movies debut night... We will all meet just outside the cinemas at the above ground car park, post up here on NS to let me know if your coming or send me a text on 0412033172 that way we don't go in without you. Hope to see you there!!!
  13. Best eBay intercooler for s15

    use this one mate. no stuffing around great kit and is great value for money cant go wrong.. http://justjap.com/store/product.php?productid=16915&cat=339&page=1
  14. heres a trick, the wire that goes in to the back of your cigarette lighter is also an accessories wire if you can splice into that it will hold perfect power. ive used this method on all my setups works a treat good luck Chris.
  15. Engine conversion, first start?

    thanks guys great input. should see me back at archy very soon now.