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  1. The Home Theatre Thread

    g'day all, did a search but didn't seem to find any threads dedicated to home theatres, so i'm creating a new thread for people to discuss dedicated home theatre rooms (not PC's in a bedroom plugged up to logitech speakers). i recently finished putting together my dedicated home theatre room after a few months of planning. took a lot of planning but it is in no way comparable to other people's dedicated rooms that have raised seating, proper riser for the screen, stages, curved cinemascope acoustically-transparent screens, and drop ceilings (like the installs you'd find on the AVS forum). my purpose was a room that could easily be converted and as it was only deep enough for one row of seating, i chose to have a large couch instead of dedicated seats (which i'd prefer to have if i had two rows of seating - maybe something for the next house). some quick picks from when i first got it running a few weeks ago. the screen has been lowered slightly since though. pics are directly taken out of my camera with no adjustment: - thanks sam for helping me put it together - with room lights on so it's washed out - the same scene with lights off at the seating position Home Theatre Room: Panasonic PT-AE4000E 1080P projector Peerless PRG projector mount 120" OZTS Majestic Evo3D 2.37:1 fixed scope screen Yamaha RX-V1800B receiver B&W 684 fronts B&W HTM61 centre B&W 602 S3 rears Velodyne CHT12Q sub (this thing pumps) Auralex Subdude decoupling platform for the sub PS3 Slim ASRock ION330HT running XBMC Live w/ Transparency skin the screen is a 2.37:1 anamorphic screen so when watching 16:9 content, i will get black bars on either side. however, when watching anamorphic movies, the projector will scale it to fit the screen completely (as you can see in the photo). this is why when you watch blurays/dvd's on a 16:9 tv, you will still get black bars on top and bottom, and is also why when you go to the cinema, the curtain's spread after you watch the commercials (which are in 16:9). not all new movies are anamorphic ratio though. suprisingly, Avatar is only 16:9 and all Pixar movies too. and here is my existing family room setup (pictures to follow): Family Room: Samsung 63" 1080P plasma (PS63P71) Yamaha RX-V665 receiver B&W 600 S3 fronts B&W LCR60 S3 centre B&W CCM50 in-ceiling rears Auralex Subdude decoupling platform for the sub PS3 ASRock ION330HT running XBMC Live w/ Transparency skin the Yamaha RX-V665 is also powering a 2nd zone outdoor with Yamaha speakers. both areas are running off gigabit network back to an unRAID server with around 10Tb's of content (1080P mkv and BD ISO movies, and 720P MKV's for tv shows (and some avi's)). let me know what you think and if you have any questions. and please, if you have a dedicated home theatre, please post it up with your specs! cheers, Linh
  2. was just cruising alongside a pretty clean burgundy JZA70 - going down Torrens rd... think driver said it was pushing 270kw? cant remember - my son was crying in the back seat. had a big wing on the back though..
  3. beautiful black S2000 with amazing offset. looked like Work VS-XX? plates "F20C". spotted in an around the city at lunch.
  4. LOL yep i'll agree with that!! cheers!
  5. there aren't any Black Series AMG's in Adelaide... plenty of normal C63's in both sedan and coupe form (451hp) but not the Black Series (510hp).
  6. don't mind a bit of anal, actually! bite the pillow - i'm going in dry.
  7. f**k yeah, I win at the Internet!
  8. 6.2L and closer to 450hp actually... i left one behind just yesterday You may be correct, it seems they just badged it with 6.3L despite it being 6.208L. However, I can't find anything about it being 450hp, most seem to say a minimum of 500hp. I still have no idea what model/type it was, I was just going on the badging and that fact that it was a very quick coupe. it's not that i "may" be correct. it's that i am correct. i dont know what google you're using but i just did a quick search and i consistently come up with 451hp. oh wait, let me get my mate to check his owner's manual. yep, 451hp. that's the same for both the C63 sedan as well as coupe. there is a development package (option) that brings it up to 481hp but you can't really spot that from the outside. and they all have the "6.3" badge. something about complying to german law and rounding up the displacement.. or something. also, to pay tribute to racing car from 1969 or something.. a Mercedes 300 6.3L...
  9. 6.2L and closer to 450hp actually... i left one behind just yesterday
  10. a mate's E46 M3 on BBS LM's. the offset on that thing is ridiculous... 19x11 on the rear i think.
  11. TOM3CH, adjust your signature with the new date also also, anyone creating a FB event? was good to spread photos in there as per the last event...
  12. briefly drove on o'connell yesterday along side a silver astra with some stickers on the rear - including Pedobear peeking out. has to be someone from on here haha
  13. fark got there an hour late however was there just in time for the said burnout. very impressed...
  14. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    cheers for the comments, guys... would definitely love to run it on straight pipes hahaha but was sooo damn loud!!!
  15. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    meh... dead thread. may as well put up another pic. was deciding tonight if i should put my M5 badges back on or not. decided not to... "cool story bro"
  16. The Home Theatre Thread

    just bumping this thread for other home theatre enthusiasts... no updates on my end. have ordered a whole bunch of 27"x40" movie posters which i'll frame and put up around my HT room but apart from that, cant really enjoy it as much with the baby... anything new with everyone else?
  17. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    was getting some exhaust work done today and took this quick video of when the mufflers were disconnected. wish i could leave it off like this all the time! haha. only revved up to 4,000rpm because the engine wasn't warmed up yet... http://youtu.be/Jdh38JRuYCk
  18. Good Detailers in Adelaide

    depends on existing paint really... he'll come round and suss out your paint work and give you a quote first.
  19. Good Detailers in Adelaide

    another one for Hamish... he's done all my cars: - BMW M5 - Lexus IS250 - BMW X5 and i've referred him to many, MANY other people... also consider the Opticoat product that he's one of two people in SA authorised to use it. permanent paint protection with hydrophobic properties... my drying time has been cut down by over half because of it. plus if anyone's seen my M5, you can see how deep the paint is... (and this pic was on a dirty day too lol) and these are before/after shots of my wife's Lexus which was a MESS from the previous "detailer"...
  20. was just driving alongside a very sweet pewter grey s15. subtle kit (not sure which - vertex?), no wing, fmic, black rims with awesome offset (not sure what type rims cos we were rollin rollin rollin rollin) and a nice dual tip exhaust... on robe/fitzroy tce then turning onto main north rd. very tasteful and well done.
  21. Was at the initial meet point for just 10mins and saw a lot of nice cars... That slammed Volvo was very slammed. Hope there weren't any mishaps... I noticed it started to rain just after we left. Looking forward to seeing some pics!
  22. yay for being noteworthy! wasnt there for long - picking out a new car for the missus...
  23. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    looks great!!! nice photo too!
  24. R35 GTR Hoon - impounded

    ^ cool story, bro...
  25. Getting covered in water from sprinklers ahhahahahah stupid f**king sprinklers! hahaha