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    blown a model ford

    why only 50m,it takes me 75m to get me going.
  2. AD10 results

    Kid you mean abs not gut,dont you?
  3. m&m's place

    i hear drugs make you narcissistic.lol
  4. m&m's place

    well done very big nick,thats more weight than all us strong geared up guys your one strong freaky guy,wasnt long ago you couldnt press 90kg now its 140kg man i didnt make gains like that on my dead lift and i had the state record drug free,let alone overhead.well done mate
  5. m&m's place

    Well done nick 210kg great squat,the day you get 216kg ill be slipping on my shoes and ill start squating again. please dont get 216kg,train you bench.
  6. m&m's place

    just jew it louie,you have nothing to lose your already a jew.lol
  7. m&m's place

    great work nick on 200kg squat.xxxooo
  8. JC Protein Cookies

    lou i was on stake out after the bash so i had to stock up 0n KK.
  9. m&m's place

    Ghosty,4.01 thats cardio mate i wouldnt last that long,but il still show you my nuts if you like.
  10. doc i think the momment just got to him because most thought he couldnt became the champ. i love the sport but if a man can win and be a champ when he dosent know how to punch then the sport must be getting weak.anderson silva rules.
  11. m&m's place

    spuds what are you doing mate,just as you are getting strong.
  12. Quick Question

    i smashed all my mirrors because they said i was to fat for my height.

    I just threw up in my mouth ,why not just dip the spoon in and eat it and drink the drink?
  14. m&m's place

    what did you call me louie? after 130x5,150x5 who would have thought 5 tuna and rice meals would give you so much energy.

    its not a pan,they built the pan from 1948-65,this is a flathead,the bike might be sold,but its just so much fun.