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  1. I definately agree - it's a horrible feeling returning to your old life! Just got back from USA two weeks ago, and after only being over there for 3.5 weeks, i would gladly move there tomorrow! If salaries were a bit higher and decent jobs were readily available, it would make it an even easier decision to go! I've looked at a few options, however i'm trying to hold back as i dont think the bf would be willing to move that far away. So many more things to do and see out there - and moving away doesnt always have to be forever!
  2. What's your porn star name?

    Angel Iluka There are some good ones out there!!
  3. Newcastle Girls?

    Hey girls, i'm from Newy too - would be good to meet up sometime!
  4. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Spotted Blake on the Link Road.... givin me gate! Dark Blue 180 on Nelson Bay Road on Thursday arvo Maroon / Burgendy s14 in Thornton last night White Aristo, who also must be a Thornton local - see it quite a bit now!
  5. NS.COM Newcastle FORTNIGHTLY Meets

    Following in the theme of things: Mr & Miiz Skyline will be attending. Now time to think of something good to bring....
  6. Looks like a good day so far - nice weather!! Not sure if we will be meeting you guys, depends what time Jess gets to mine. If not, we will see you all there!

    Yay - i'm so up for this cruise.. its been ages!! What about meeting at Speers Point or something, cruising down past Swansea and around the water etc, then can head back whenever and maybe have lunch at somewhere off the Tuesday night dinner list that hasnt been done yet, and if people are still keen for a bit more of a cruise, we could head over to Matt's secret ns.com meet point??
  8. Tuesday night Steak Meat......I mean Meet.....

    IN IN IN !! How exciting - for once when we want icecream afterwards its already there! Yay!!
  9. Tuesday night Steak Meat......I mean Meet.....

    I'm so in!

    Newcastle for me~!
  11. Tuesday night Steak Meat......I mean Meet.....

    Ahhh ha ha you put it oh so delicately!
  12. Tuesday night Steak Meat......I mean Meet.....

    Ha ha ha for a thread that is meant to be about food, i think i've lost my appetite! OMG - Raj's Corner is awesome now since the refurb!! But if Matt cant afford to have the Wednesday off work, well we might need to think of somewhere else for din dins! kidding!
  13. Tuesday night Steak Meat......I mean Meet.....

    Are you trying to say you cant go PASTA'SNITTY? someone is still a little smarty pants! lol
  14. Tuesday night Steak Meat......I mean Meet.....

    I vote pasta or snitty! ha ha
  15. Tuesday night Steak Meat......I mean Meet.....

    Is every thread on here about Dodgy?? So, where is the next din dins? I havent been for AGES!!