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  1. morning benders, doing a manual conversion on a mates S13 and having trouble finding a pedal box locally just wondering if anything else is compatible, maybe R31, bluebird, pulsars etc? I've heard the cressida dudes use a camry pedal box or something for their conversions, hence asking cheers cunce
  2. for anyone who's wondering, i wouldn't bother trying to do this without pulling the box entirely (or cutting a hole in the floor i spose) i have a nigel gearbox kit with studs and a "massaged" firewall, and this was the easiest gearbox removal ive ever done, easier than any SR box. took under 30 minutes to get it out on the hoist and it was super easy to get back in, just located it on the studs and it slipped straight in. lovely stuff.
  3. nah its actually under the plate that blanks where the shifter would be if it was a RB25 style shifter, straight into the box, spewing. shouldve gone z33 haha. considering will do that if worse comes to worse haha, dont really wanna though >.
  4. i put a z32 box in my s13 not long ago, nice tidy thing recently rebuilt and all that, but i got a bit happy/angry smashing third gear on the track and smashed the uni joint in the striking rod for those unfamiliar, this is the piece im talking about: to replace it the top cover has to come off, smash out a roll pin and slide the new one in. im wondering if anyone has done this with the box in the car? im hoping if i drop the rear crossmember down ill be able to access it from the top, but i'd like to hear from someone who's done it before churrrrz
  5. finally slapped this shitter back together, now feat z32 box, blitz twin plate, custom tailshaft, z1 short shifter, midnightmods oil cooler + filter relo, braided turbo lines, bee*r limiter and shit.. all pretty sweet. got smashed with a yellow sticker like 2hrs after i rego'd it. pretty heartbroken, had it for nearly 5 years and eh it's just too far gone chassis wise to even bother trying to get a roadworthy.... bought another one from vic thats a runner, just gotta get me some SA reg and then start swapping my toys over...
  6. S15. Daily Driver to Garage Ornament

    ill throw you on the ground probably not but you know i just wanna seem tough on the internets
  7. S15. Daily Driver to Garage Ornament

    trispokes were well gangsta but i like what this nigga has going on
  8. S15. Daily Driver to Garage Ornament

    honestly mate, if you wanted it to be tough you probably should have done something like this
  9. nisskid's C33 Laurel

    you look handy with a big f**king hammer. come fix my shit from that stack we hit at tailem lol
  10. Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

    couple photos a mate got of this, he was driving maroon 32 on bronze cst's
  11. got a call today and an email with a couple pics to confirm... they found it should see it monday!
  12. triple post cos noone gives a f**k tnt lost my f**king gearbox. soooo back to square one. f**k the world.
  13. so my z32 box should be here tomorrow... i bought another block off a mate just for the sump as mine is well haggard. also found a destroyed engine mount when i pulled the motor, so im going some kazama style ones.. hopefully be a nice balance of stiffness and NVH.. been in a car with the solid polyurethane ones and was not a fan... still got heaps to buy and this has totally f**ked my winton matsuri plans! devo! some in car from months back
  14. culprit, output shaft snapped off inside tailshaft. lol
  15. ^ case and point box was already planned to be replaced with a Z32/RB25 later on so not a big deal. just fix things as they break to make them more reliable. twin plate was too cheap to say no to.