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  1. Kick-Ass

    Pretty keen to see this one...
  2. Gran Turismo 5

    Been burning for this game for so long now. Got a mega PS3 cockpit setup for Prologue and im sick of waiting for the real deal!!
  3. Shutter Island

    Pretty trippy movie... Like u sed, i went in knowing nothing except it was some kinda thriller. Wouldnt watch it again...
  4. Bottle idea stolen? haha

    Still looks pretty cool, wonder how many attempts it took him.
  5. Best Sounding BOV

    I'll go with no BOV, but if you really want one I think the HKS Super Sequential sounds the best.
  6. There is always that crack finder stuff you can put in your coolant that seals up any small factures.
  7. Sick use for an SR20

    Kinda looks like a cheap Radical Racecar...
  8. hI, IM Me

    Get some pics up dude!
  9. Hi All - New Member

    Looks tidy man, great lookin car.
  10. Rear diffuser looks so good. Amazing build mate.
  11. odd clunk noise

    Diff i'd say.
  12. Tanner Foust Street Drifting

    Fresh videos... 180 pig with reckless power is my dream!!