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  1. POWERCRUISE 2012-In? Out?

    I'll be back and if i still have my S14, Symons sweeper will cop some 4th gear gate in its face
  2. Updates - What's the latest with your car?

    anyone on here know blingcommander??? couldnt find him.. chasing a new straight S14 if anyone knows of anything!! catch is, CHEAP!! just want to swap all my gear into it..
  3. Driftsquids run at WTAC

    sweet vibes, far out it was sketchy as hell on those first few runs, couldnt see shit after 10 cars had gone threw!!!
  4. yeah are S13 & S14 6 bolt driveshafts identical in every way shape, strength and form??
  5. Updates - What's the latest with your car?

    awesome work daim looks great
  6. Drifting Tasmania - Round 2 Photos and Video

    awesome pics!! never new the wall waved so much as in the last piC!!
  7. Updates - What's the latest with your car?

    Check out my latest vid guys
  8. S14 front on 180 sx

    i have the whole middle section of 14 rad support, as i dont run one with the 1j, so i have bonnet latcher and headlight braces and yeah the whole middle section
  9. S14 front on 180 sx

    go zenki series 1, then i have bonnet and a guard and a headlight, there partners are in the hills somewhere still
  10. Tas drift fest

  11. S14 front on 180 sx

    aye talk to tom hamilton, he just put a 180 front on his s14.. he would surely know..

    yeah it was a retarted problem.. it had fuel pressure it had spark it had injector pulse and compression.. problem found was cas then cas wiring with a dodge shield, plus coil pack wiring was intermitent.. toyota wiring fails lol all sorted!!

    HELP!! S14 lost 4cylinders on a light run on the dyno last night, have changed coil packs, plugs, ignitor.. it has spark it has injector pulse, as i speak injectors are getting ultra sonic cleaned.. WTF else could it be.. cars be running for hours so all wiring is correct.. fire away
  14. Tas drift fest

    holy shat thats alot!! 2day event is needed for that number ican see getting into top 16 as a big effort!! my rigs on the dyno 2mrw night sounds healthy=)
  15. Custom Fabrication

    mate capell motorsport would do it ill ask for a rough quote for you 2mrw if your interested..