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  1. Tried multiple auto barns same response, got the guy from Scott's auto one to search charcoal grey metallic under nissan and got a match but looks way different, way to different to put it down to age of the car (I think) Allcolors looks promising thanks
  2. Old as topic but it's the first one to come up, My gun metal grey 1993 180sx has the kg2 code but in auto barns system comes up as green something And other places where I can get touch up paint? Other then a smash repairer or spray painter
  3. Could the business ombudsman help out here?
  4. GT28RS AFR?

    It's true man im tight assing it I'm just trying to work with what I got, the turbo dump pipe and manifold came off a other car for pretty cheap now between baby/house and I want 180-200rwkw I'm just hoping it's all good enough to run safely ( will get it on the dyno I guess like the other bloke suggested cause I don't want to do damage I just don't want to take it there and get told I need a computer )
  5. GT28RS AFR?

    Yea that's it. Not many people talk about it on here, Yea I will man this is one thing I prefer not to play around with and when I Finnish putting my car back to gether I'll get it adjusted by a perfeshional If I was to put A fuel pump and injectors in will the HKS AFR handle/controll the upgrade and avoid me spending money on a PFC
  6. GT28RS AFR?

    I was reading on a other post that a gt28rs will damage your engine with out a tune cause of air fuel ratios My setup on my redtop 180 will be fmic,bov, full exhaust,manifold, gt28rs, apexi pod,profec a and HKS AFR my car has stock injectors and fuel pump Question is can I boost it to it's maximum potential safely because I have a HKS AFR?
  7. Ahh k so it's about air flow/size of the thing not the sensor it self For a car with fmic,manifold,disco potato,full exhaust would there be a need to upgrade the AFM?
  8. Stupid question = Why does the AFM need upgrading from standard?