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  1. Price : $320 Condition : Used Nismo 555cc injectors suited for SR20 or even RB motors. Selling due to upgrading to bigger injectors. These are in good condition and are good for around 250kw.
  2. Drift car for under $3K?

    worst advice ever, those things are f**king hard to steer You for reals dog? My 33 4 door was easy as to steer, you need some skills. Can even do 360 entries in it no probrem!
  3. If you're worried about not having the convenience of PV if you buy somewhere else, WELL you dont need to worry about that because you can pay PV $500 to use their services, tyre supply etc which is dDEFINATELY worth it. It can be VERY hectic towards the start of a drift season looking for a car that you want through PV (experienced it last autumn), and you can end up getting a crap car you dont want due to an impulse buy/last minute thing, so best to look at other avenues if you got some sweet hookups. An as NMD said, if your getting an sr, best to stick with a stockish one, and learn to drive a slow car HARD. I purchased a missile jzx90 for $3500 through powervehicles, and did me well during the time. Sold it back for a little bit, but was pretty much wrecked by the time i finished with it (got tboned :-\ ).
  4. how was the NVH with them compared to standard?
  5. Hey guys, I have been considering changing out my subframe bushes to solid raisers as it is probably the cheapest compared to nolathane etc. Currently the bushes are fkd with slip on alloy spacers, and rear end doesnt feel that tight still. I'm after peoples thoughts on the gktech ones with the rubber isolation washers. Has anyone done this for their daily, and how much worse is it in regards to NVH levels? Also just curious on how much of a difference the rubber washers would be. If you dont have the rubber washers and have PBM risers or whatever, what do you think of them? I've done some research on google mainly from nicoclub, but for some reason they sound like retards, so thought i'd ask the question here. Any feedback would be good! Cheers Jason
  6. Ahh ok thanks. I'll look into it. didn't know spring binding could cause it to fk up the alignment...
  7. Yeah thats what i thought, spring catches on the collar when the coilover is loaded, but when its up in the air, doesnt happen. Theyre ebay spec coilies in an r31 with s13 front end. Do you have an idea of why its changing the alignment everytime i go full lock though?
  8. Hey guys, Got a bit of a weird problem at the moment. Whenever i go full lock left or right, the left side coilover makes spring 'boiing' noises. And the other issue is when i go full lock to the left and drive straight, it tracks to the left, and vice versa when i go full lock to the right. But when I 'centre' the steering by correcting it a bit, it drives straight... I've replaced my steering rack bushes with superpro stuff, so it cant be the rack. I dont get why the coilover is making the spring noises as if its not seating properly even though i tightened up all the collars, and made sure the spring is not floating when theres no load on it. Anyone got any ideas? Only thing i can think of is the coilover is somehow fkd.?... Cheers Jas
  9. Panel beaters and insurance

    I did go through my own policy...? Hope im not confusing anyone here.
  10. Panel beaters and insurance

    Panel beater needs to assess it first to determine if its non-repairable and then they log it in for the insurance company right? And then they get their own assessor out there to check if its correct. I had full comp insurance too. If i remember correctly, my insurance company told me to get a quote/assessment from a panel beater shop...
  11. Panel beaters and insurance

    Mmm. The funny this is, hes meant to be a good mate of mine too...
  12. Panel beaters and insurance

    Right. So the car was a repairable write off, it wasnt too obvious that it was a total write off just by looking at it (It was a cheap falcon). The car didnt require any dismantling, and the car didnt need towing. Does $100 seem realistic ? Still doesnt seem right...
  13. Hey guys, Got a question, got my car written off not at fault, and did the usual of going to the local panel beater to get it written off. Now should the panel beater be charging me a $100 fee for "third party quote" and to "load the quote to get it written off"? My car was insured full comprehensive with Real Insurance. I just find it mind boggling that i would have to pay such a fee to the panel beater. Someone with experience please to me otherwise! I wouldve thought the insurance company assessor would do cover all this? Or does a panel beater actually have to pay an initial fee to state its not worth repairing first?

    Well heres the list of g1gp entrants. Friggen massive! Im flying in next friday night from syds with the rest of the marvel guys. Exciting times ahead. 2. Andrew Gray/ Or Emily Gray, Scotland, JZX90 or S14 3. David Lawrie, Australia, S14 4. Nathan Wheeler, NZ, 180SX 5. Jamie Earley, OZ, s14 6. Daniel Siddle, Oz, JZX90 7. Jesse Carnie, Oz, R32 8. Nick Bennett, Oz, R32 9. Skye Sadauskas, Oz, 180sx 10. Darren Hort, Oz, JZX90 11. Jason Po, China, JZX90 12. Josh Hayward, Oz, 180sx 13. Roman Plotnikov, Oz, 180sx 14. Nic Wilson, Oz, JZX90 15. David Simpson, Oz, 180sx 16. Blake Paterson, Oz,JZX90 17. James Paliokas, Oz, JZX100 18. Catherine May, Oz, S14 19. John Nguyen, OZ, JZX90 20. Ryan Keegan, Oz, S14 21. Cameron Mote, Oz, S13 22. James Johnson, Oz 23. Rob Watson, Oz, R33 24. John Dreyer, Oz, 180sx 25. Daryl Frost, Oz, R33 26. Shane Pison, Oz, JZX90 27. Brodie Moore, Oz, R32 28. Ken Leong, Oz, S13 29. Sean Power, Oz 30. Brock Mudge, Oz, A31 31. Shaun Boyle, Ireland, 180sx 32. Aidan Friel, Ireland, 180sx 33. Jesse Siekert, USA, S14 34. Kenny Siekert, USA, S14 35. Kevin Toh, Oz, Sil80 36. Choonga, Oz, JZX90 37. Kevin Flynn, Oz, R32 38. Chris DeJager, Oz

    exciting times! Whos staying at the drift lodge for drinking festivities???