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  1. S13 stuff for sale

    hey Mate can you send a photo of the spoiler and what part of town is the pick up. thanks,
  2. S13 stuff for sale

    Hey do all the stop light led's work in the spoiler??
  3. hey have you still got these??
  4. s13 air con help

    I have had a fwe cars in my time and the S13 Air Con is the best i have ever had so i this the person who said there crap must have a bad unit or has never been serviced properly. mine will work all day @18 inside even if 40 outside. my car also came with a condenser fan on the front as std. you can get these fans from people who have half cuts as it was std on cars for hot climates. if the correct amount of gas is in them and not over charged they work just great. hope you get yours sorted out ok.
  5. All the mods that everyone has done to their cars has anyone done a bonnet gas strut mod and pissed off the old wire stick that holds the bonnet up. And if so has any one got any photos and what gas struts they used??
  6. I have a SR20 S13. When you drive along it runs just fine but stop at the lights and the idle is rough take off again and all is good. but when the fuel tank is very low it still gos ok but the idle is very bad. could this be the fuel pump on its way out or has any body got any thoughts what other things to look for. Thanks for any help as this is driving me mad.
  7. Need Help Please

    Yeh it runs fine, but if you back off just a little bit you can fell it is starving for fuel.
  8. Need Help Please

    No it gos well and when you back of a little bit it just like a boat in water when you backoff if you know what i mean. As fare as i know it is the original pump as i have had it for 5 years and was the first Aus owner. all the other shit is ok plugs leads vac etc. apart from gen nissan what pumps fit in with out only stuffing around??
  9. S13 brake specs

    Do you have any idea what the 2lt front rotors are worth std or slotted? thanks,
  10. SR20DE auto E-AT button flashing?

    The green light flashing is not normal when you start the car up. The lights do not flash when everything is normal. I have had my s13 now for about 6 years and they have never flashed when the car is started up. the green power light flashed once but that was because the globe was stuffed put a new globe in and all was ok. If i was you I would try and find someone who knows about the auto in the car or you may just have a stuffed globe like i had. But it is cheap to find out, its not so cheap when the auto go's bang.
  11. Removed fogs

    Ok thanks for that info. Mine are the round type projectors so not sure if they will work the same way, but will have a look anyway. thanks mate.
  12. Removed fogs

    Yeh not sure about being illegal or not ihave seen some cars that have had twin headlights some time ago but carnt remember what they were.it seems to be if the car was not made to do it they call it illgal anyway just to be assholes. is the yellow lens glass or plastic and how did you go about breaking it out ? I think i am going to have a go at it as the yellow lights have pissed me off for years and with some good 50+ globes it sounds like it could work well. thanks.
  13. N/A 180SX ?

    Have a look at this web site in japan that you can buy from there are a shit load of non turbo 180,S13,S14 & S15 over there they just dont import them because everyone wants turbo. you justget a import dealer to get it and the comply it as well easy done no big deal. http://www.tradecarview.com/used_car/japan%20car/nissan/180sx/
  14. Removed fogs

    what is the light like after you take the yellow lens cap away is it still a beam or just spead everwhere. How good is the end job or dose it look like a dogs dinner. it could be better wired with low beam as they are all a bit averge.
  15. Where to buy a cheap battery in Melbourne.
  16. Battery

    ????? dont understand what you are trying to say. I assumed your account was trolled as I can see you're old school and didn't think one would come out with such a noob thread/topic. Oh how I was wrong O I see, it’s bad luck that none of you can reply in a civilised way but that’s the way of kids today that think they know it all. Oh I see, it's ashame that one that holds himself to be such a civilised adult that they couldn't articulate their thread (i.e. question) in a way for such kids today (that think they know it all) to understand WHAT THE FUCK you are wanting. How do you logically expect a "civilised" response with such a lame attempt? And I stress again, being an old schooler you should know better. For one, how do you expect genuine replies to "where to buy a cheap battery in Melbourne"? What type of battery? For your dildo? Your reply has no credible arguement mate. Kids that know it all... Tsk try looking in the mirror Cheers, Andy I thought that sa we are on a car web site that most people would now that i was asking about a car battery. Any way you are just what i thought you were.. and its not and IT Moderator with comments like this. MATE.
  17. Battery

    ????? dont understand what you are trying to say. I assumed your account was trolled as I can see you're old school and didn't think one would come out with such a noob thread/topic. Oh how I was wrong O I see, it’s bad luck that none of you can reply in a civilised way but that’s the way of kids today that think they know it all.
  18. Battery

    well its good to know that you live in Qld and you know where to get them in Melb. some menbers get good buys on parts and tell other menbers where they can also get good buys for parts. but it looks like thats no so ! thanks for your help.
  19. Battery

    ????? dont understand what you are trying to say.
  20. Some after market brake pads that fit to the rear you have to cut the wear indicator of as the jam the pad and dont return properly. have a look at that and also grease the sliders with the special high temp grease. it comes in a little green bag looks like a over sized tea bag.
  21. Can anyone tell me if the front seat belts are all the same from S13 to S15?? Thanks. anyone know???
  22. battery drain

    pull down your back seat and check out that the boot light is no staying on. also alarms that have a backup battery will do it when the backup battery gets old and starts to want more current to keep charged, very commen that people forget about. this can happen to cars with trailer plugs, they get drit and shit in them and short out not that you would have one of these.
  23. Get 2 small flat blade screw drivers and put them in the slots on each side of the injectors and over the screw holes that you take out to remove them. this is so easy they just pop out. sorry forgot to say replace the 2 screws back into the holes where they came out of and lets you leaver the 2 screw drives up and out they pop. good luck.