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  1. Standard S15 Parts - BOV, Suspension, Arms

    Still got the bov ? Send me pm thx
  2. Steam pipe top mount manifold with front pipe $700 S15 Standard sway bars $50 S15 Side mount intercooler $50 S15 Standard suspension $100 S15 King Springs lowering coils $250 T28 turbo housings comp and exhaust $50ea S14/15 Inlet manifolds $50 (for manufacturing a new plenum) Tial 38mm gate $150 (1 bar spring) Blitz ss BOV $50 S15 Camber arms (not ebay ones) $80 S15 fuel rail for testing injectors $20 (been repaired from a dropped motor) S13 fuel rail for teting injectors $20 S15 Car Bra $50 (cost a bit in its time) Also have adaptor snouts, flanges, bends etc.. if you need them.. No post unless it is small, parts are in epping NSW, email:chris2712au@hotmail.com
  3. Fuel Surge Issues?

    All the ones I have ever used are using the Bosch sensor.. the newer ones 5 wire with temp compensation..

    Ive used a few of them, I ran a PLX cause it was cheap.. seemed to work ok and there use to be a few tuning with them on here.. although I have not been on for a long time.. I would go the innovative.. reason is that there is many loggers and software able to interface to them easily, off the shelf.. so if you ever were to go into tuning.. nistune etc.. you could do it.. I even thing that Datascan has the plug in for the inovative so you can log AFR's even of many stock cars.. or rommed cars.. etc.. I am sure that many others have thier own data loggers, but IMO it is much better when it is integrated with the tuning software..
  5. Turbo broken? please help

    record the sound and post it.. if you can keep the rpm gauge in view and say what turbo you have ... cause it is impossible really to tell what you are talking about..
  6. Boost leak test - blocking PCV

    me too unless they are old and fkd.. New ones have never leaked for me.
  7. Smic vs return flow

    heat soak for sure with the sidemount, if the car is not moving there is no airflow to the cooler, with the front mount at least there is some depending on speed but also engine fan speed. The side mount is hard to throw air at on the dyno as well.
  8. Here is a tune of E10 v's E85.. on a SR Ceffi running a GT2510 disco compressor with a t28 turbine.. was tuned by Pete liebig.. Here is the Write up.. http://www.plmsdevelopments.com/customers/chris_ceffy.shtml he is very particular about testing and keeping proven facts..
  9. Most of the time it will probably be on cold start.. I've heard of issues with the cold start as it does not like the cold like pump.. although no one has brought it up on here, but not sure of how many are using it for a daily.. then there is the issue of fuel consumption.. wont you will be filling up more often ?
  10. sr20 won't start

    sounds like a wiring issue... maybe in the alarm - immobiliser and or turb timer.. but if the clunk is the main solenoid on the starter motor then it is probably the main earth - supply from the block and or starter motor, or the fuseable link has blown,, if not he solenoid itself
  11. S15 2871R boost problems

    If it isnt the intake pipe the PFC is cutting out from hitting the preset load limit.. is the check engine light flashing when it cuts out.. ? this would mean that the PFC is protecting your engine.. or If you have not run this higher level of boost before it can be your spark plug gap.. that can do it too.. But that is a rare rookie mistake.. But sometimes overlooked..
  12. What turbo upgrade for my sr20?

    Everyone wants power and response.. It's expensive.. Decide on your power range.. After the 250rwkw barrier I personally feel response starts to suffer for a spirited street car.. New turbo designs, wheel technology etc has helped it but they are expensive.. If you are after a 300rwkw setup that still is great in the mid section (3.5 - 4.5K) I would go with a small twin scroll setup.. If you are wiling to keep it around 250rwkw then a single scroll setup will do and there are many in that power range that still retain a agile feel to the car.. large single scroll turbos make the car feel heavy, in a street car wit aircon, power steering etc.. it makes it feel even worse to drive around.. then if you are able to consider a different fuel type.. like E85 It will let you run a smaller turbo capable of higher output with better response too..
  13. Throttle position sensor question

    yes it should be 5V if it is a stock ecu.. some others can use different voltages. check the resistance, Are you measuring the voltage to the chasis ground or to +12v.. ? for it to be a higher voltage the sensor is either supplied with it or your measuring it wrong.
  14. Woodville rd accident

    this is a pic.. colleagues of mine didnt see it happen.. but thought it may of been my car as it is also a yellow 200.. http://www.liverpoolchampion.com.au/story/1758596/man-dead-after-villawood-collision/?cs=12
  15. Woodville rd accident

    yeah I figured, was told hit the truck head on and dislodged the front axle of the truck, then the truck ended up in the in coming traffic as well.