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    playing/making songs, obiously driving around and speed (if its necersary lol), go through web.
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  1. Listing Of Workshops In Sydney

    bel garage is dead. even their site went down
  2. 2013 meetup suggestions

    for myself, im the club leader and i don't know many places to hold the cruises. i want somewhere i haven't went. i've been in woolongong, enterence, akuna bay. so i want somewhere other than that
  3. how much is for spectators?
  4. Hardtuned Track Day 3 - Results!

    wow that mx5 is mad~!!! any detail and photo of that mx-5?
  5. any info about toyota fest?

    does anyone know when and where is toyota fest gonna held on? please PM me or post comment if you know.
  6. 2JZ-GTE Engine differences

    what are your terms or definition or example of different car?
  7. ns.com Whos Who In NSW

    Who: Sam drives: JZA80 supra drifter/streeter: can't drift with supra so streeter
  8. Flipped skyline in Newport?

    please don't do stupid stuffs to get car enthusiasts' name dirty by attracting cops
  9. Good experiences with cops

    my first fine: 20km over penalty: $350 &3 month suspension 2nd: 30km over penalty: $850 & 6 month suspension 3rd: driving durring suspension periods. penalty:court, $450 & 12 month suspension. therefore, i've been in suspension for 1 year and 10 month (1 extra month comes with 12 month suspension) and i have to redo my red P...
  10. R33 GTS 4 stud rear brake drum needed urgent~!!! one of my mate got a r33 skyline and he just recently have damaged rear left brake drum and now he need to fix it for his daily drive. so if any one have them as spare please can you sell it to us so we can fix it up asap? thanks P.S: PM me if you have it and ok for you to sell it to us and please call your price.
  11. ns.com Whos Who In NSW

    sam driving 1996 supra sz im just daily speeder lol http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10150321267104234&set=t.100000512586123&type=1&theater
  12. Wollongong cruise/meet (light house)

    i've posted it on the facebook