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  1. Didn't know anyone still updated their build threads on here haha
  2. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    **SOLD** Up for sale is my 1990 SWB Ford Maverick. Car is in good condition for it's age and has served me well but it's time to go. - TB42 petrol engine (Has never been run on gas) - Manual trans - 277,490km - 2-inch lift - Sunraysia rims fitted with 31inch Maxxis Bigfoot Mudder tyres. - Comes with 2 spare sunraysia rims - Extractors - Massive long range fuel tank - 2500kg HD towbar - Safari snorkel - ARB Dual battery kit - Bull bar - Side steps - After market front Lokka diff - Rear reverse spotlight - Has wiring and switch ready for front spotties Exterior and interior is in great condition for it's age and the car is serviced regularly. Good tow rig that has seen many trips up to Tailem Bend Motorsport park with s14 on the back without any worries. Negative points: - Aircon isn't working (May just need a re-gas) - Small amount of rust in the roof gutter where the roof racks were mounted. - Small tear in drivers side seat. Reason for sale: I love this rig but I have too many cars and it just isn't going to get used enough to warrant keeping. $4000 or nearest offer Please no low ballers and no swaps. I'm in no rush to sell. Any questions Call or text O41O375229 Cheers

    Looking to sell my r32 4-door if anyone is interested It's compatible with Powervehicles support. Never had a drama with this rig and has been extremely reliable drifting days on end without fault. Extremely fun car to drive and if I was able to get back sooner I would definitely be keeping it. Specs include: RB20 Standard trans Aftermarket Clutch R33 Turbo, new nissan studs, new manifold and new gaskets (Has just been replaced) Mines ROM Trust Air Cleaner GReddy Profec B Spec 2 Boost Controller Kakimoto Exhaust System Aftermarket Front Pipe Decat Pipe Cusco Coilovers Adjustable Rear Upper arms Hicas Cancel Bar Tie Rod Spacers, Lock Stop Ground back Aftermarket Strut Brace Aftermarket boot brace Nismo Castor Rods Aftermarket Front Pads 2-way LSD GTR Front bar(fairly rough) and bonnet Side Skirts Rear Spoiler Aftermarket Steering wheel Cusco handbrake Driver's side bucket seat front and rear eyelets for a harness R32 GTR 16” Wheels Also spare pair of 16" enkei wheels. Tyres: Front: Ok condition Rear: Brand new Kendas Car comes with a helmet, trolley jack, scissor jack, wheel brace, a couple tins of synthetic oil, new oil filter and 6 new NGK spark plugs. Still fairly neat for a matsuri car with the usual front and rear guard dents and aero damage. Only minor issue is a cracked overflow bottle. Aside from that the car drives perfectly. No work to do literally rock up turn key and drift. After 2.5k

    We've landed in Tokyo, on our way to Ebisu tomorrow YEW!
  5. Tailem Bend sold.

    Good to know the buyer means to develop it for Motorsport but I think this could go either way. Fingers crossed drift gets a place in this whole thing and if so our wallets aren't raped in the process. I'm still a little bit sad as I loved Tailem the way it was, no bullshit and I don't think the whole distance thing is an issue. If they build it people will come.
  6. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Not if you boys buy parts That reminds me, I might need a bigger bag
  7. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    So are flights. Probably end up cheaper than driving
  8. Finally managed to get the online shiz working add gamertag: Sideways craze Dog decided to chew up my headset so I'll have to invest in another
  9. Yeah first time I actually managed to get in to online my character just spawned above the city and fell from the sky without any intro. Managed to get in to a proper game now but its just a free for all
  10. haha yeah I can't do shit! I can run around but I have no HUD cant go to map and cant do the mission
  11. Depends if they launch it worldwide at the same time I guess. If it's a midnight launch in the US it is around 10pm right now on the east coast over there. Could only be a few hours away.
  12. Crew joined and live subscription purchased. Fingers crossed online lives up to the hype