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  1. I've still got a bunch of goodies, including:


    Genuine bride zeta 3, red, not worn but is dirty, bought from Christian Pickering so can guarantee its real, no rail $600


    Jic rear camber arms for s13/r32 $150


    Cazman bent style toe arms for s13/r32 $300


    Non hicas rear subframe been strengthened, has subframe risers installed $250


    Pm me or txt on 0400384033


    WTB r32 4 door pods and skirts!! Will swap for parts above

  2. I got sick of Borrowing trailers, pay bulk cash on tyres and fuel, entry ect, then shit brakes, I bend shit, tbh got over cashing out. So sold up and now have a daily, I'm much more happier, can enjoy it everyday, whilst I can still do some pracs or private days If I wish without all the expenses that go with it.

  3. Got a non hicas subframe from r32/s13, has been strengthened, also has solid bushes



    Cazman adjustable rear toe arms, bent style for more clearance $350t


    Jic rear camber arms $150


    Gtr rear swaybar $120


    Also have two pairs of 4 stud rear hubs $50 pair


    5 bolt driveshafts $120 pair


    Rear knuckle with near new driftworks bushes $100 pair


    Rear lca with near new driftworks bushes $100 pair 

  4. On my 25 I just looped the heater lines, and my temp was awesome, but if I was to do it again, I'd block them as it directs water away from the head and to the 'heater'(loop). So if you block them it prevents this. And won't do any harm as the heater tap doesnt bypass(like a commodore one) it just blocks it

  5. Still got heaps of my r32 drift car here, including full bolt in cage, oil cooler, alloy rad, dw hydro, bride zeta 3, shift light, surge tank, 044 n 040 pumps, Cazman bent toe arms, jic camber arms, headlights, tail lights, all glass, extended 33 lcas(one slightly twisted) ect ect pm me!!!