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  1. Becoming healthy

    Yea, I'm actually thinking about going there cause one of my mates goes there and $20 is pretty cheap. I have been eating alot better lately which hopefully will result in weight loss, have been taking my dog for regular walks and runs when my missus CBf lol. I even bought some running shoes to help with my feet so all forward steps here and thanks all for the input! The start is always the hard bit
  2. I would be buying a set from a wrecker, ignition, door locks, boot if required and of course some keya
  3. IACV blockoff plate

    Probably easier just to make one, get some 3mm alloy plate
  4. Windscreen stickers

    I've heard that in SA you can't have stickers anywhere that the wipers touch
  5. kris's A31 Cefiro

    I've got a bracket for mine coming off the back of the alternator, perfect spot in my eyes. I hate ppl that have it in the engine bay for show, oil just goes everywhere!
  6. It took me an hour tops to change mine, r32 tho but I'm pretty sure s13 are in the same spot.
  7. Valve stem seals don't leak compression, just stop oil going onto the valves and into the cylinders... Probably cracked rings or ringland or something... Or head gasket
  8. Towing stuff up?

    I always go throughthe wheels? Safe?
  9. Supra dash in 180sx

    I'd just run gauges in the holes, alot easier than trying to wire up cluster
  10. How much rent do you pay?

    Adelaide, valley view 3 bedrooms, massive block, driveway for 4 cars atleast $310
  11. I use them and havnt had an issue :/
  12. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    Pull the belt off, and turn cams 180, the put belt back on.
  13. +1, f**king electrical wiz! Done mine and my loom was hacked big time!
  14. Apexi Super suction intake

    I'd say 100 for one that has a simple bend and is the same size through out, but from standard RB turbo to Z32 afm is quite a size difference and isn't one simple bend
  15. Apexi Super suction intake

    I'd go custom, got quoted 220 from Andrew at am perf
  16. Ye but when you jack it up the hole suspension will be hanging by the brake lines, do ettt!
  17. I thought if u do drift school they have a prac afterwards n u fo that aswell
  18. Stauff clamp

    We had solid airlines installed at my work and they mounted them with them, had heaps floating around but not that big lol
  19. Probably just air coming off the cams, but just because it has good comp doesn't mean the oil rings are good
  20. Tie Rod Removal Issue

    That's the correct one, are you turning the right way? Righty tighty lefty loosey
  21. That temp is ideal mate, nothing to worry about! When it gets to over 100 then worry
  22. defi "STYLE" gauges wiring

    Lol trust me, I am lol
  23. defi "STYLE" gauges wiring

    I contacted the eBay seller and he told me how to do it as I had the same trouble Boost gauge - boost sensor loom, black to ground, red to ignition, white Is signal. White wire from sensor to red wire from gauge. Pressure - red wire from gauge to port on sensor Temp - blue from sensor to red from gauge, white from sensor to black from gauge
  24. Modified Knuckles for Toyota's

    I got no idea about Toyota setups lol just understand what bling was saying