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  1. Did u put the balancer back on b4 u started it?
  2. Snapped Wheel Nut - Options

    He's wants to know how to take the nuts off when they have snapped, so the hex bit of the wheel nut is gone, leaving the bottom half which is still tight against the wheel. I'd try to get a socket and smash it onto the wheel nut n try and undo
  3. If I was stripping cars all the time and selling shit on forums I'd expect for ppl to say something! Well you would hope so anyway! I didn't even point out a user name or single anyone out so for someone to get offensive about it makes it abit more sus in my eyes.
  4. How am I dribbling shit? Lol keyboard warriors are out
  5. I didn't say anything? I was just putting it out there as I had never bought anything from the person so I wouldn't know. Alot of wreckers wouldn't know or really care if the car was stolen anyway and that's a fact!
  6. Intercooler choice for a rb s13

    Ive always thought that with the turnflow kits, they use just as much piping as the normal kits do... But that core is deff better!
  7. small front wheel clearance issue

    Or some adj castor arms to bring the wheel forward
  8. Steering rack reconditioning

    Recar should do em

    That vy commo looks to have the abs in the same spot lol!?
  10. I reckon there is someone on here from Mansfield park that is always wrecking cars... I'm not accusing anyone just putting it out there
  11. Another thing is WTF are they doing with these cars? Not exatually easy to get rid of stuff when ppl know cars are getting stolen... Even if u stripped a r32 auto, not worth the risk IMO.
  12. This is becoming bullshit! I'm actually scared to take my car off the jack stands!
  13. crazy lock setup

    One of my mates said he has ordered a kit, said it cost like 2k or something...
  14. As for why you get more camber when lowering, is because of the camber arm isn't level anymore and there is less distance between the hub and the subframe... Happens will all the arms, you just notice camber more
  15. The bolt holes have to be elongated for the eccentric bolts to be able to move when turned...
  16. Camber arms up front arnt adjustable, can buy adjustable ones tho but I advise to get longer lcas, I'm currently running r33 lcas which have added another 25mm each side, stock r33 lcas will help. I can get a pair of r33 ones modded if u like, pm me if ur keen
  17. I think he thinks the eccentric bolts turn as the arm does up and down, giving more camber when it does lower
  18. I ended up buying the eccentric bolts for toe arms cause if you use just normal bolts they can move about 10mm cause the hole is enlongated
  19. I'd say to keep away from understeer, I'd get some descent tyres, 595s or something, make sure tyre pressures are about 36ish, probably more camber on the front and castor wouldn't hurt. First time I went I got heaps of understeer in the wet, put 595s on the front and so much better
  20. Commodore Exhaust! *pics Inside*

    I work at a Holden dealer ship n never had a hg go? Heaps of misfiring, chain rattles n burning oil
  21. RB26 Oil Restrictors?

    Oil restrictor goes in the block, in-between the head and block to restrict oil going into the head, oil pump collar is a collar that goes onto the crank to gve better contact from crank to oil pump
  22. Are the windows bolted in? If they are then just remove them
  23. Last year my feet got burnt lol, great day tho
  24. Becoming healthy

    Ye that's where we go lol, about 45min walk, pretty nice down there too