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  1. Bretts r32

    ok, ive been on here for a while now, finally doing one for the hell of it. Ok bought my r32 gtst stock as a rock, apart from 3' exhaust n fmic, 3 years ago. was the coolest thing i had to have so i bought it. came on gay chromies, sold em n rolled on 33 stockies for 2 years. clutch started slipping, replaced with brass button extreme item which im not too impressed about. then stripped 2nd gear in the 20 box, dumped the oil n filled with fresh shit. still got all the teeth to this day in a bag aha drove around with no 2nd for 6 motnhs still thrashing waiting for it to pop. finally found a 25 box for cheap, threw it in with modded tailshaft. Then decided as the 20 was getting rattly mainly cause of lack of maintainence, ripped it out, for a rb25 swap. at the same time put gtr front guards on as some retard reversed into it. looked like this for a while bought these off stewy finally got rb25 running thanks to simon for the modded loom, lasted a whole 2 hours until it cracked ringlands, back into the shed it went. got another motor from smooth garage for cheap! had running issues with it, bla bla bla. ended up getting a high flow, 550s n z32, with nistune makes 260kw. bought a set of work equipes, looking tough with stewys old bonnet, bought a bride n nardi n all the reast. got defected, stripped it n ye... looks like this current mods list: Engine: Rb25 highflow turbo, similar to 3076 550cc injectors amp cooler piping pod 3" turbo back oil cooler 52mm rad Suspension: coilovers r33 front lcas gtr rear swaybar got modded rear subframe ready to go in with new bushes everywhere, cazman toe arms n subframe risers Interior: Bride seat nardi wheel greddy gauges to be swapped with defi style ones Exterior: Work equipe wheels 595s up front anything on rear gtr gaurds up front gtr indicators type m side skirts n rear pods gtr front bar gtr style bonnet engine bay
  2. U can buy lock nut removers, it's a socket that bites into the nut as u undo it
  3. Ye ahaha the cop that was guiding ppl out of the roundabout had to look 3-4 times, I don't think he could believe I drove it
  4. "One r32 - would have seriously been 40mm Off the deck lol" Yea that's mine lol, can they even do anything since it's defected and on permit?
  5. Pros and cons for both. If u have never done it b4, even on the street or what ever and have absolutely no idea what to do and how to do it then drift school is best As you get personal training ect and constant feedback. Private day is good for if u sort of kno what to do but never really done it, then u can teach yourself. There will be people there u cab talk to like myself, u get alot more track time than drift school.
  6. My first time was at a private day, best thing I ever did! I learnt so much because u get lap after lap after lap. With prac nights u get f**k all. Will be some experienced drivers there to talk to if u want. Don't be worried it will be a relaxed day so don't stress
  7. Adjustable tie rods

    Or could use bolt on lock spacers, will give the rack more travel too
  8. Pitty it's not around the corner from me... Just had one done and not too impressed
  9. Pull fuses out one by one until u find which one is causing the currant draw
  10. Private day is constant runs all day! None of this half an hour group sessions, u just go out when u want. Stay out till something breaks or tyres or fuel pretty much lol Only ever line up when there fixing tyres which is rare or towing someone off which I hope is rare lol last one I did I did that many runs, I went through 100l of fuel lol
  11. It is a long time away, but I need deposits to sercure the date that's all, trying to be prepared don't require the rest of the money until 3 weeks prior to the event
  12. 12 ppl max, you get so much track time!
  13. Dnt waste money on prac, private day is where it's at
  14. Come on ppl, needto get deposits to make this happen!!
  15. Craigs super slapper special

    Y only 8psi?
  16. Have u tried adjusting cold start and iac?
  17. As soon as u sit on it the seat will sit on the floor lol
  18. I wouldn't be using a breaker bar either, a spanner is enough.
  19. You probably done it up too tight, because as the knuckle comes down onto the lca, the ball joint is tapered so it won't go all the way down
  20. Boost controller help....

    One to the Ic pipe has to be before the throttlebody
  21. Obviously the idler and tensioner arnt seized, have you put the washer type thing on the crank b4 you put the balancer on?
  22. Nah, the balancer keeps the belt on... Weird how it came off