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  1. Wanting house to rent...

    Nah I'm looking for a house, I've already sussed on there...
  2. You should have got Andrew to make you a new one? Or modified ur old one... He looks after return customers!
  3. Kando Turbo oil restriction?

    I thought bush bearing turbos don't need them
  4. Hey, myself and my mate chris (ffracer) are organizing a private day for drift at mallala on the 14th may. Cost will be $350 which includes tyre changer We need deposits of $150 asap to sercure the date, then the rest will need to be payed 3weeks prior to the 14th. So come along, doesn't matter what car or if ur pro or not. These days are great for beginners because u get constant track time to improve your skills. If your keen pm me Cheers
  5. When I first seen pics of the new tyre rack setup, I thought it was gonna hit the tow car on tight corners, doesn't even come close lol Even better now the missus can load the tyres up ahahaha
  6. My wheels would suit this! Dunno if they would fit tho
  7. I'd so do this if I didn't have a private day so close to it
  8. Subframe risers needed before wakefield monday!

    Never said they were shit? I didn't have any issue doing it, I'm just saying so this guy knows that he may have to do it.
  9. Subframe risers needed before wakefield monday!

    Wow, Ive got midnight mods ones and they fit perfect. Only thing is that I had to put washers on the main subframe studs as the studs don't have enough thread to tighten the subframe against the body
  10. STOLEN JZX90

    How does someone remove a club lock? Unless the locks are easy to pick??
  11. Coilover top to body? I'd just take it to universal Fasteners n see what they suggest
  12. Whens mallanats? If we have a spot left no worries... I love that vid eh lol, will be so much better with the hydro now, bigger entries here I come lol
  13. I agree, y get a side pipe? Will have to bash the rail in to get it to sit up high enough to avoid getting ripped off the first time u hit a ripple strip. Just go straight thru 3", high as possible and no flanges. Mine has a 4" tip and on the way to ajd I got a head ache lol never mind having the thing half as long... Just my opinion tho lol Oh and keep the gtr bar
  14. Come on ppl, still need people
  15. Nah f**k that dude, it will probably crack lol. Just get a quality one made! With exy gate!
  16. Come on need these places filled
  17. Ok, now my flame suit is ready to go... In the last 6 months, me and my missus have been living together and she cooks alot of food, alot of pasta. I get the feeling of not wanting to waste any and eat until I can't eat anymore lol. I don't exercise at all, I've got an injury to my foot but that's no excuse. I'm at the stage where my appearance is enough motorvation to start eating and exercising. Now in the last week I have started taking my lunch to work, ( two sandwhichs, 3 musli bars and 2ltr water) trying to eat not so much for dinner, and doing sit-ups, crunches every night and went for a run which was slightly painful. Now I don't want to be a body builder or have crazy abs, but I just wanna lose my belly, double chin and boobs I'm getting lol. Now I'm not a fat slob or anything but it's noticeable. What's the best exercises to do to kill stomach fat, and to keep fit in general? And whats good healthy food to take for lunch and dinner? Cheers
  18. rb25 vs 2jz swap in s13

    Horsepower I'm guessing? Since ur budget isn't huge I'd go rb25, everything is alot easier! Rb25 can handle 300kw stock, and more with e85.
  19. Ye ceff has seen better days that's for sure
  20. They can deffinetly do ur ca with PFC!
  21. Actually Anthony has a black s15 now lol Pete has a black 180, also Murphy with the black 31 works there too
  22. Pretty sure they do haltechs, I think he is really good with autronic, that's what he recommends
  23. All I can say is they are absolute champs down there! Deffinately know what they are doing and cece is a guru with the dyno side and electrical stuff... I wouldn't go anywhere else!