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  1. Someone just needs to take one for the team n smash into him lol
  2. C35 Laurel /// HIT AND RUN

    Mine doesn't have a fan shroud n doesn't get over 85deg eh.., but I'd run one if I could
  3. self raising coilover :/

    Mine only has adjudtment with spring height but I can garantee that's what's doing it, turning
  4. self raising coilover :/

    My fronts keep lowering by them selves lol Im gonna do the screw driver and a hammer trick I reckon
  5. walbro 255

    I've got 290kw on 98 with just the walbro, rb25
  6. Weldy and shimmed are pretty much the same to push around lol... I'd shim it personally because weldy is more likely to break, shimming it will just wear out... It prob has never been shimmed, or wasn't done very tight
  7. How can a chunk of alloy balance harmonics?
  8. I've got gtr guards on the front of mine, just need gtr indicators
  9. I personally think that u should sort out ur diff, then get confident with doing the track... In saying that the t67 is a great turbo and I'm over the moon with the result I have.
  10. Where to buy tools down South?

    f**k snap on lol, I've spent bulk cash with them and I havnt been impressed, although I do thrash it all everyday at work it doesn't last... Chrome peels, my rattle gun has broken although replaced under warranty and then the battery shit it
  11. R33/s14 have two bolt rear hats which have bushes, s13/r32 have 4 bolt rear hats which bolt straight to the subframe....
  12. Solid diff bushes? R32/s13 don't have diff bushes unless it's a r33 cradle?
  13. rb25 conversion questions.

    Mine made 290kw on 17psi, I'll post the dyno sheet up when I get some free time...
  14. Holden SS ute

    Hardly anything goes wrong withthe 6.0ltrs, apart from sumps leaking and harmonic balancer issues but apart from that. We have alot more issues withthe v6's... My mates got a ssv ute with pedders coilovers, cam ect, made 380kw or something on e85, goes good, handles great but it's deff not a Silvia
  15. rb25 conversion questions.

    I've got a t67 25g on my rb25, getting tuned next few days and I'll post it up in the kando thread
  16. I've been woken up by my boss, after a big Friday night, don't remember but somehow got to my work and passed out on a couch out the front, boss woke me up when he came to open up sat morning lol
  17. I'm not sure about sr, but my mate has a ghetto ass 5.0l and he had upgraded springs and pushrods with standard retainers, and after some thrashing the retainers started to bend, so theyjust didn't handle the extra pressure from with springs I guess
  18. Talk to Andrew from am performance, he's pretty busy but may be able to squeeze u in
  19. Stretching tires.... hills?

    Think I payed $5 each but my work uses them heaps, should be bout $10 each
  20. Stretching tires.... hills?

    I use bob Jane at modbury, they didn't have any issues, they also put 235 on my 10.5s n didn't even have to blast em. No questions asked
  21. Stretching tires.... hills?

    I've got 215 45 on my 9.5 18s easy as lol The trick is to take the wheels in off the car...
  22. gearbox rebuild

    Anyone had a rb25 box rebuilt by him?
  23. Ok, I know this is a long shot but me n my gf l are looking for a place, our current lease runs up at the start of June. Now would like 2 bedroom place and a shed preferably in the north-east suburbs. Chuck me a pm if anyone knows of anything! Cheers