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  1. rb25 knocking sound?

    Take all the belts off. Except the timing belt of course and run it, you could also remove the timing covers and run it to ensure its not hitting but I very doubt it will be the belt hitting, unless the timing belt is way too loose and slapping the timing cover...
  2. Chrome csts look awesome! Look great on my red 32, look good on black too! Trouble is finding some lol
  3. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    Tbh I don't know why it's taking so long for Beno to get any sponsers, car is mint, awesome package, even better driver... I'd pick you over 99% of the people with major sponsers!
  4. rb25 knocking sound?

    It's not valves, if they were hit by the pistons then it would misfire...
  5. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Wanted: pair or set of chrome cst's in 17 or 18
  6. Strut Bar Install

    If you tried to fit a strut brace while the wheels are off the ground, the struts would probably fall out of the top
  7. It's fairly common and heaps of ppl do it, had a mate that did it n it spat the oil filter off on the dyno lol
  8. r32 head gasket issue

    I'd just put chemiweld in
  9. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Hey I'm stripping my r32 drift car, rb25, t67, full cage. Pm me for prices ect
  10. Run It Hard! - Stageas gone, Skyline inbound!

    In my r32, it hits and I've raised the car heaps to the point where it looks gay, but still hits over huge pumps, I just got over it lol best way would be to box it
  11. Ring cooks trailer, I've used them for two days n went to tailem bend no worries was like 60 a day
  12. I was going to sa AM Performance until u said budget and not pretty lol
  13. Tyre Hookups

    Used to drive lol he sold it unfortunately
  14. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    Yeah although the subframe doesn't have one on it lol, just sayin
  15. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    Also shoulda Reinforced the cradle, cause the diff only has one bolt at the front it's prone to cracking the rear, you can buy Pre cut plates to weld on the back
  16. Only thng I can think of is the ball joint taper is skinnier so the lca moves up further n4 going tight?
  17. two tone 6.0 litre silvia build - Going Widebody

    Needs more angle lol
  18. STR8E180's Thailand log

    I've already booked for the 17th feb
  19. Did you but the box brand new? How much?
  20. I'm not sure who it was but one of the organizers couldn't believe it when I rocked up, and as I left he said to me that the cops weren't impressed that I'm driving it on the street. Was scraping rails everywhere, front bar was scraping along the grass, looked tough but totally impractical, but it's a cars show lol it's aloud to
  21. So tempting to slam my 32 again and drive it down, although you guys weren't too impressed about me driving it home last year lol I'll see how I go, g1 is the day before
  22. I've also seen 6boost fall apart, what I don't understand is how the collector separates? I guess it's due to the amount of heat and it warps, but I wouldn't have thought cause the gasses flow the opposite way which would keep the collector together? Lol
  23. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    I don't really agree with having a plate to protect the loom, just something else for the tyre to hit/bottom out... I suggest relocating the loom.
  24. ca18 coolant not circulating

    Radiators blocked?
  25. Ye I misread, um I'm going to say they will still pick on where the lever is situated as it hasn't been ADR approved same as twin caliper mount, but an engineer could I guess...