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  1. Hi all, I have bc S13 coilovers for sale. Price-$900 now $800 not negotiable Full damper and height adjustable. 10-12 track days old with no street driving as its track car. Please text for picture if required, they are in very good condition with no issues what so ever. Coils are out of the car and ready to go. Thanks, Trent 0437 993 112 Located mentone
  2. s15 sr20 200-250kw turbo debate

    are hypergear turbos bush or ball bearing?
  3. Hi All, I have the following for sale. Located Mentone Victoria. S13 aero front bumper with vents - $750 (mint freshly painted purple) S13 aero side skirts - $400 (mint freshly painted purple) 180sx type X rear pods and valance - $300 (freshly painted purple however valance has a crack that been painted over in it underneath) text for pics 0437 993 112 Happy to work out a deal for everything. Cheers. Don not pm i am rarely on here.
  4. 10 years

    wow i remembered my password! 8 years for me, but i was lurking for 2 years too scared to sign up When did CAZMAN become a scammer?? i thought he was the beez kneez
  5. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    FAK! what a weekend, I am shattered we didn't get to drive together that much! next matsuri will be wild!
  6. Joeys R33 4 door

  7. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    Waiting list?? balls deep man was looking forward to driving
  8. Run It Hard! - Stageas gone, Skyline inbound!

    LOL f**k... its been so long since I have been on NS. that I didn't even get flamed for bringing up a old thread f**k yeah
  9. Run It Hard! - Stageas gone, Skyline inbound!

    like Mazda galaxy grey?? I really want to see this ducktail now
  10. Teenage R33 4door and more

    f**k yeah cant wait to drift with ya again!
  11. asbestos in catalytic converters ?

    LOL yeah probably, think I read somewhere exhaust gaskets haha so dodge
  12. asbestos in catalytic converters ?

    Only if you own a Great Wall...
  13. What wheels are these?

    Seneca super steel