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  1. VicDrift - Drift Attack V1.0 2011

    Entry is in. Cant Wait
  2. Hi Guys, Im from SA and am thinking about making the trip over for the first event of the season on March 19 at Baskerville. Anyone else planning on heading over for the event?? Chris
  3. VicDrift Practice Day - July 2010

    will be making the trip over with a couple of mates..cant wait Chris
  4. Drift Practice

    yeah caught it all on camera if u feel like re living the moment :-P also got the green ke and the silver 32 while i was at it.. pretty much just filmed stacks.. lol, stuff the rest the silver 32 kinda got saved by the stacks so to speak but the rest were all in good cause of saving clems grass... Hey man if u still got footage of me hitting the tyres in my silver 32 id love the URL if u happened to put it up on the net Thanks heaps mate
  5. VicDrift Practice Day - May 2010

    gonna be sweeeeeeeet . Making the trip over from adelaide again with some mates. Just a quick trip to save on coin so we can do it all again sometime later in the year . Chris
  6. Drift Practice

    Keeeeeen as . Deffinitely gonna have another go. should be fun
  7. Drift Prac 10th April

    Injured my shoulder over the weekend . Cant drive till late May
  8. Drift Prac 10th April

    cant wait to come for a skid . rush rush as usual getting the car ready lol
  9. 27th DRIFT PRAC

    now thats a pick
  10. 27th DRIFT PRAC

    Yea man that'd be sweet if u could get some pics of the car out there. Cheers heaps dude Chris

    was a wicked night. Not to bad cruise route to. Had fun and cant wait till next year.
  12. my r32

    looks good dude. Very similar build to my 2 door except yours is about 10 times cleaner haha Love the rear flares to
  13. R34 GT-four RB26 track build

    looks tuff mate. Definitely one of the cleanest 34's ive seen around Seen this thing getting around heaps..looks good