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  1. http://www.caradvice.com.au/20394/2009-nis...specv-unveiled/ like Trent from punchy says... "CHECK IT"
  2. http://www.caradvice.com.au/19490/nissan-r...ckage-for-370z/ Not bad, nicer than nismo kitted 370Z
  3. Hottest looking s15?

    thanks brother. good to see there was 1 person here that thought before typing. and gave an honest opinion and just didnt jump to the "show spec is ghey" ill let uz know how i go.....
  4. Nismo 370Z S-Tune images leaked

    how about now: well done brother, its amazing what bigger wheels can do to a cars looks
  5. Hottest looking s15?

    any1 know what bonnet that is???
  6. Hottest looking s15?

    im with you on that, that has to be 1 of the tuffest looking s15's ive ever seen. but I need to be looking at ones in aus. and hope they will sell.
  7. Hottest looking s15?

    Surely you jest! Ever heard the expression, built not bought? I wish you good luck in your endevour but if you do find a car that someone else has shaped to their spec, it'll NEVER be your car. You are prepared to spend between 30-40k right? S15's can be had for as low as 18k now. Tempe Tyres 20" chromies 2.5k King Spring super lows .8k Candy plant 5k Re-tirm - 2k Audio - 2k Basic go fast bits - 2k So for mid-low's 30's you could have something in your color, with your wheel choice with your interior choice. more like wheels/tyres 2.5k spring0.8k candy paint- full colour change 8-10k re-trim??? the monkeys down here in tassie couldnt even retrim my console lid!!! how they going to do my whole car??? full re trim (mainland) 5k? audio 2k??? lol yeah right maybe a basic basic go fast bits 2k???....very basic my friend. for that i would get a full exhaust and a bov u cant compare buying 1 already done and had over 60k or these days more spent on it to doing 1 for under 30k cmon bro. be real
  8. Hottest looking s15?

    true i understand and u do have a point but why spend 100k when u can spend 30-40? why wait 1 year for your car to come out the garage when u can buy 1 overnite??? missing out on all that hot weather cruising and seeing others cruise past u driving some shhit box til yours comes out (if it ever does) there is nothing loke the feeling of being able to say "i did this and i did that" instead of saying "i brought it like that" i know, but there is a huge difference in time and money here.
  9. Hottest looking s15?

    to start off I am a leb and i love the bling pearl paint job look. u say do something different??? like what??? what hasnt already been done???
  10. Nismo 370Z S-Tune images leaked

    Im sure it would look better in the flesh
  11. Hottest looking s15?

    lol good for you
  12. Hottest looking s15?

    grow up for 1 second stick to the start of the thread. if u cant help, piss off your opinion is YOUR OPINION let me have mine
  13. Hottest looking s15?

    I'm gonna tell it like it is, the majority will agree. Money can not buy taste. Your taste in making a sports car into a show pony means you don't really know or understand what the cars intended purpose was. These cars are meant to be driven and driven hard as well. I don't think you're a ricer at all champ. lol nice to see what photos you keep on your computer lol GROW UP *richard cranium*
  14. Hottest looking s15?

    how is a car with a pearl or candy paint job a ricer??? with chromies and leather??? its more of a prestige look stickers, big gt wing, hello kitty seat covers, small drift wheels- that is a ricer in my opinion im never going to win this argument on this website, its all go go go here. no room for show. whats wrong with having both???? how am i confused bout the adm vs jdm??? look at the bel garage s15...awesome paint job (pearl) and packs a punch and it has leather u telling me that is a ricer??
  15. Hottest looking s15?

    your right the jap spec is faster....we werent alking about that. read first before you comment we are talking bout the tubos. and the jdm has a bigger intercooler.. big deal no 1 is going to keep the standard jdm intercooler and with the jdm turbo....u keep it til it blows up. like they all eventualy do. but hey your opinion, is your opinion