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  1. Agreed much respect to you aswell SXOvar, doing a good thing from not doing *street drift etc* and teaching kids to do it all on the track. Nathan. PS. do you happen to have a Cousin in Adelaide name Tri who owns a Black 180sx lives in somewher near Virginia ??
  2. Hey there, yeah i think you could join it with an AASA&CAM license. my little brother wanted to join it but the Winton Raceway hasn't replied back to me yet so haven't got any clue lol. Nathen. [EDIT] sorry if im not helpful but some of the guys in ns.com would be able to help ya
  3. please chop my S14a

    heres the photo ....it looks abit crappy though but oh well thats what it'll look like if it has those rims
  4. initial D Car in Melbourne

    yeah im not sure if it had it or not i was just lookin on the left side ofthe car didnt look on the right side
  5. hey guys When i was at Richmond eating and when i went outside to check on my car for any ticket fines, i saw a REAL nice looking Trueno from initial D. im not sure if its Rare or not but i took some photos enjoy. and tell me what you all think of the car
  6. dannng all i see in that car is Po-ten-tial !!!
  7. Hey have you guys got any other S14 kits ? and where abouts are you guys Located in Melbourne ill like to come to your shop and look at the kits if thats okay..? cause i really need a kit badly !!
  8. dame man what did i do wrong ... i gotta admit it i am a fob but you all dont need to diss me i ment Tow truck** some people do mistakes .. well anyway thanks for all the help guys atm im just gonna take out the engine and leave it in the shed and when i have some time ill get it check and for now, ill just go buy a Second hand SR20 Cheers Nathen.
  9. he doesnt sound like a very bright mechanic yeah it was the machanic shop in Footscray the first time i went there to get my sisters Mini cooper fixed they were good but now i see them as $%^&*()_ if your Located in melbourne please PM me Cheers Nathen.
  10. lol im sorry if im confusing you guys and to reply all of those comments lets see, i brought the car in Adelaide and the last owner was a Asian Farmer he said that, theres nothings wrong with the car but its just the Engine that sometimes keep turning off and we didnt really get him at first so then we got the Car checked up and the Car inspector said everything runs fine and the only reason why the engine turns off, cause it just heats up really fast and everything. so then we brought the Car of the farmer, and then we brought some things for it so it would stop from heating up. So then afew days later it was running fine so then, One of my cousins and I drove back to Melbourne and on the way the car turned off and somethins turns on and always turns off so then we had to wait for 2-3hours for RAA and the Toad truck . and thats how it started im kinda really pissed off atm but oh well. I'll upload the Engine photos by tonight and if anyone wants to buy the engine PM me and ill give yah more details. and most of yous said SR20 and Rb20 i was thinkin of one of those aswell cause when i finish Uni im gonna transform for the car into a drift project and about the Money i only got 8k left and wouldnt mind buying a good and healthy engine . sorry if i dont make sense its just really hard to explain. &thank you for all your suggestions Cheers Nathen.
  11. police war on imports?

    i dont know if i can get in loads of shit with this but i have a Video Clip which i filmed, An Adelaide Cop car doing a (2min)Burnout at my mates Mechanic shop but it was one of the f*ck heads staff workers who did it but now his fired.
  12. I owe $50.00 cause i saved all my money befor i got my s14 .. and then spent my left overs all on the mods which cost around 6k (including Interiors) and then, when it was all done i was SO happy but i was missing one thing which was the Seat covers so then i went on ebay and there was this WHITE NISMO Seat covers set. so then got 50bucks of my sister
  13. Hey guys i just recently brought my new car ( 1998 200sx S14 ) and i brought the car for only 6K cause the engine keeps on turning off and on and when im not even driving it for some reason it always heats up and seems its going to blow up. and i just took the car into Mechanics the other day and they said they couldnt fix it and i need to replace the Engine ASAP in case of something happens so i was wondering what kinds of engine could i get for my car ?? please give me the Engine details and prices. Cheers Nathen
  14. Go Kart Drifting

    hey there about Ace karts i just went there last week and then i saw this Forum lol but i rekon the one you went to was the best cause you can drift and do other things and Ace karts its not much fun cause of the Workers are kinda *Di*k heads* when i payed for 30mins i could only go fast for like 5mins and then they always tell us to slow down cause they always turn on the Yellow lights it wasnt worth it and it was a waste cause i was on the Super kart but yeah and can you please give me the addy for the Driftin go kart place i dont mind going there ... Cheers .nathen Hi Nathen, Yeah I didn't really like the workers at Fun City lol, they look like stoners and seem a bit dodgy.. But yeah if you'd like to check it out, the address is: 234 Ballarat Road Braybrook And you can check the site out at: http://www.funcitygokarts.com.au/ If you end up going, let us know what you think! Stef ahh cheers thanks for he address ill be going there soon when i get a day off at work and ill be sure to let you all you guys know how it went ... Nathen.