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  1. Chris Atkinson returns to WRC with Ken Block's team

    I don't know if he's proved himself as good as Solberg just yet, he is a world champion after all! Good on him though, glad to see him back.
  2. Track S series

    Cars are looking stunning guys!
  3. any original ns.coms still here?

    man I think I bought my car alarm for my 180 off you back in 2003....were you the guy living at malvern at the time? You sure did! I was a member back in the Panda Blue days too. Joined up when I was 16 or 17.
  4. Your car - what's happening?

    uh oooooooooooh!! It has begun my friend, you're in strife now All sounds very promising though. Have you spoken with Geoff at Full race yet in regards to your potential setup? He's really helpful. Very nice. Let us know how it goes
  5. Velo Gp90

    Same experience for me, so I sold it. XL's don't fit on off the shelf rails unfortunately.
  6. Oils aint Oils

    Martini 5w-50 in the STi, and I used Martini 10w-60 in the SR20 which had a lot more hard use. Engine always feels smoother once I've put fresh Martini in. I change in on the STi after every decent trackday (25+ laps), and don't bother when it's a hillclimb. Filter every second change.
  7. any original ns.coms still here?

    OG baby.
  8. Track S series

    Most definitely. I am under no illusion that I was lucky to come across the right buyer at the right time who saw value in the car, but then again he was young so the age related stigma was not a real consideration for him. I was ready to strip the car down, and only advertised it for 3 weeks before it was sold completely... shocked me too!
  9. Track S series

    All very valid points, and I agree with you completely. Having said that, there are some people out thewre who can see the value in buying a pre-built car like this if they really do have a passion for the S-Chassis (though they are definitely few and far between). I sold my car (along with all my spares) for not too far off the price being asked for the S14 and it was unproven. Having said that, it also had some fairly serious dollar parts on it and a few hard to come by things such as the gearbox adaptor which fetched good money. However, selling a highly modified car in one piece will rarely get you the same return as parting it out. I have no illusions that if I sold my car as it was I wouldn't have got near the money I did for it. I sold the engine to one buyer, and then the chassis, gearbox setup and turbokit to another. I then sold the spares individually and got the money I wanted for it, less a discount to the buyer who purchased the chassis as he took everything in one go. The car had cost me over 6 figures to get it where it was over the 7 years I owned it though, but still a great return for a modified car that didn't fit into a race category, let alone an S13. So I guess it takes a bit of luck, but I think it can be done!
  10. Track S series

    Obviously a really well set up car, hopefully someone sees the value in it (as I do) for you soon enough.
  11. Track S series

    James: Any updates mate> I need to live vicariously through you now
  12. Scorch S15 Detonation Video

    You're not wrong, mind blowingly quick!
  13. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    Looking good! I like the 'Mazworx' touch on the rocker cover For reference, my EJ25 took about 5 days to arrive from the US, and cost me around $400 with DHL.
  14. World Time Attack 2011 Anounced

    I'd say he'd be well past that.
  15. Help me pick a sprint car

    Good choice S-Chassis's are amazingly cheap these days!