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  1. S15 Coil Packs

    I had a missfire with my S15. Bought a set of second hand ones. Coil pack no.1 is apparently meant to heat up and fail early. Was fine after replacing. Still have 3 left. One is apparently stuffed though due to this happening all the time. I ended up leaving the cover off. Let me know if you need them.
  2. Yes they are the ones I'm talking about. I can't find it. Searched for ages but couldn't find anything. Does it come from a loom or is it on its own?
  3. Yeh jap s15., sorry should have mentioned that in the first post. The antena in meant to be in the rear windscreen but shouldn't there be a cable to plug into the head unit? Just want some advice before I start ripping my interior appart to search for it. I don't really listen to the radio but I just want it to work
  4. Hi, I've replaced the head deck on my s15. I found the antena booster cable but unable to find the antena cable. The one with that pointy connection. Looks like it may have been cut by the previous owner for some reason. Does anyone know where it comes out of the loom?
  5. show us your tattoos!

    Left shoulder - Had a name above the cross covered up by Coop at North Shore Ink. Took 2 hours.
  6. s15 head deck bracket

    Really? How much to send it to Syd?
  7. Just wondering if anyone know if these are sutable for one DIN spot or two. As I can it hold a head deck and something else like DIN guages. Just wondering because I didn't get one with my car and would like to tidy things up a bit.
  8. Please get someone to film this epic fail and submit it into the Coca Cola Tube my ride comp. You dont even have to go to top station, front valley will do just fine
  9. Just a minor service and you will be good for the trip there and back. Since your only going for 3 days you will enjoy the little time so much more with a quick lesson on the first day. If your as good as you think you will be without ever boarding then you should be able to link turns straight after the lesson instead of Sunday afternoon.
  10. I want to make some Hoodies

    PM me if you need a contact with manufacturing.
  11. Indian pimp my ride =
  12. Dont we asians have a reputation of being bad drivers? I have a honkie friend who drives a Supra. But drives really slow because he admits having no skill when booting it. You can't generalise a whole race like you just have. But I have seen countless honkies play Maximum Tune and they seem to show a bit of high speed skill there.
  13. Engineering exhaust quote

    Is this place on the RTA approverd list? If so who is it?
  14. Defect Stories

    Cops are great! I got defected by a pair of cops. While the hood was up another marked car decides to join the party. Then a third comes by. I had 6 cops looking at my car. I hear on their radio that there was a stolen car in the area doing high speeds. They just turned the volume down and continued to f**k my as.s. Good work guys! Using your time to get the ones who commit the most serious crimes first. Defectable cars are high on the priority list huh
  15. MMA chat

    Yeh this is so true! Where do they get these guys and what qualifications do they have justify the BS decissons recently. Penn v Fitch and Kapmann Sanchez was just a rude shock.