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  1. Buying a new family car

    If you have kids, go for Nissan Elgrand E51. So much space
  2. Japanese translator needed

    1. Dont set the key to whatever showing on your tag, when driving. If you do, exhaust temp go high and not safe. 2. cannot read 3. same as above
  3. If imported, check LSD and join a warranty
  4. mi goreng is the best

    defintely eggs on top !
  5. Nissan Fuga

    Love this car too..... Check this 2004 Fuga 350GT Sports Package for around A$17500 ! http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k118157297 vip interior too. would be good for my second car......if i can afford
  6. Japanese GPS system

    That is good news for me. Yes, i chekced your website too !!! Cheers,
  7. Boxing or Kick boxing gym in SA

    IPEAKIN - what prices at Fitness33 ? Thank you.
  8. Boxing or Kick boxing gym in SA

    Thank you for all the helpfull info and sorry no on-line last a few days....... currently in Japan and testing new Nissan Elgrand etc..... I done kickboxing for 4 years and now switch to Boxing just for my fitness reason (getting old......) maybe try one in the city ! Cheers
  9. Japanese GPS system

    Hi mate, How about nissan genuine GSP on Nissan Elgrand ?
  10. Hi guys, if anyone knows of any Boxing & Kick gyms in adelaide metro area for a good price ?
  11. Japanese GPS system

    Hi mate, Thank you for the info ! appreciated.
  12. whats your favourite series?

    Prison break & 24

    This is good headgear too. use last 3 years ! no problem !

    i use Windy 16oz for spars. Got new one for $50 on-line
  15. The Anime Thread

    My favorite anime in Japan ! "Kochikame" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOrLI40BW8c