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  1. To anyone who are in the market to upgrade thier Canon gear, Im selling off all my Pro Canon Gear including L-series lenses. Camera gear up for sale: Canon 5D mark ii Canon Battery Grip Canon Battery x1 Canon 24-70 F2.8L Lens Canon 70-200/2.8L Lens Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash Please email me at itzjonno@hotmail.com for more info Thanks
  2. FS: TE37 SL 18x10.5+15

  3. The random photography thread

    D800 is a awesome camera. Played around with a mate of mine. Thinking if getting one myself
  4. 94 R32 GTR

    ahhh love white gtr's!
  5. 1994 R32 GTR

    Looks clean niceee
  6. hanyou's R32 GTR V-Spec II

    Clean car, very nice
  7. My R32 GTR

    Awesome seats clean car!
  8. My 34 GTR V Spec

    Toughh! very nice car
  9. My new R32 GTR

  10. Best photo software

    You cant go wrong with Lightroom

    Just when i was going to post a pic of my ride i see that i have no option to attach files =S.....FAIL =(
  12. Just thought id finnaly throw up some photos from Winton. Any CC Welcome =) Enjoyy =)
  13. Hi Everyone, I have a practically brand new Canon 85mm 1.2L II USM for sale Comes with Hoya HD UV filter 72mm Have only used it once for a fashion shoot and since then havent touched it been in its case stored away. Price : $2,200 If anyone is genuinely interested please email me at : itzjonno@hotmail.com or even contact me through here Thanks
  14. Ahh thanks for that guys ill reconsider my price as iv done abit of research. I also forgot to mention a Hoya HD UV filter is also included.
  15. Hi guys im wondering if anyone can help me, does anyone know of the photogrpher Tangala or Zangala or something simular to that? if anyone knows can you please provide me the correct name and wesite if you possible know it. Thankss
  16. Thanks heaps guys, legends. Oh serious no photoshop envolved? Wonder how he does it, awsum work!

    A few photos i took with my DSLR
  18. has there been a full list of whos going to be playing at gods this year? cant wait gonna be sickk
  19. WTB Jap spec s15

    Hey guys im just wondering is there any good import places i could pick up a 1999 japspec s15 and around for how much would it cost for importing and all that stuff or if there is any places in melbourne im looking for one that is pretty stock and one with a indash screen if anyone can help thatt would be great thanks
  20. calder park drifting

    Im notreally liking the fact that Calder Park has canceled the drifts. supposabley damaging the tracks LOL but yerrr So does that mean that mean they wont have Driftfest 2008?
  21. ey guys so is dere going to b a certain place u guys are gonna meet up and cruise da nite b4 drift fest. i wuldnt mind cruising along n seeing these interstate cars
  22. Driftfest Cruise2007

    As you guys know Drift fest is coming up soon at calder park. Im just wondering if people are interested in some kind of cruise to go to the event, or if theres any crusie thats currently being organised and people are doing it, in melbounre. thx