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  1. It could be a 1995 with changed lights and seatbelt, doesn't mean it's rebirthed. I would check in Nissan FAST application to check original colour / year againt your VIN. Check that engine number matches the compliance tag too.
  2. jumping into a VR4 soon

    Lower control arms are prone to failure, especially if they're not genuine. It could be dangerous if they break at speed. I get around 400KM per 50L so 12L/100KM mostly fwy driving. Turbo's are good for about 1 bar boost, just need an upgraded intercooler. There is also a dedicated aussie forum where you can read up for more info ozvr4.com.
  3. I bought this car not long ago, have been wondering what the deal is with the hole in my air box. It's moulded, but I have seen that other S13's do not have the hole. I'm about to change the air filter and remembered. I've taken it to a couple of mechanics since purchasing it and neither mentioned it. Any ideas?

    What have you got in mind for performance mods? Have you dyno'd with the exhaust yet?
  5. I was disappointed when we were buying ~85 yen a couple of weeks ago when I was on holiday in Japan, glad it took an extra week to get this bad.
  6. New to SEVS list: V36 Skyline

    Woohoo - so my next car won't be a V35
  7. A relative of mine has gone into the kebab shop near Broadmeadows station (or is it upfield? Near Ford.) It was a very hot day. The guy was leanning towards the cooking meat, cutting it. The heat from the meat cooking was causing him to sweat which was dripping onto the meat. The place on Elizabeth St next to Maccas is average, same goes for Stalactites IMO (not a fan of too much fat). Souvlaki hut from what I've had (milleara mall) isn't bad but doesn't compare to the high end kebabs. One of my favourite kebabs is from Stockland at Burleigh Heads Gold Coast. There are a few good places in Surfers Paradise too. My local fish & chip shop in Maribyrnong has a decent 'Souvlaki Special' - Souvlaki with bacon and cheese. It sounds odd but tastes good!
  8. Owned by Police stories...

    So he gave him another chance and checked if he would do it twice in a row ? Or maybe the penalty for going through it once is not enough for people to wake up? There are too many factors to analyse it when we weren't there.
  9. BP/Citibank credit card

    Read the terms and conditions: "The cash back rebate at BP is limited per account to the first $300 you spend at participating outlets each Statement period." If it weren't for that I would have applied for it and given a separate card for family to get the discount too.
  10. Hmm this has to be the first I've seen advertised with side air bags
  11. Heads up for all speeders

    Maybe I'm in the wrong forum.
  12. Bayside blue.....but I do like silver too so it's not an easy choice.
  13. Super Aguri Pulls out of Formula one

    I heard about this yesterday, sad indeed.
  14. Chaser compliance in victoria

    Try Kamikaze motors http://kamikazemotors.com/content/default.aspx?pn=compliance
  15. Juliette's '98 R34 Skyline GT-T Sedan

    Incredibly clean inside! Most definitely would have been hwy driving OR an incredibly fussy/clean previous owner.