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  1. Post up the vid Joel, and the dyno sheet on low boost
  2. 180SX ,still problematic

    Wow still going. very patient person haha.
  3. Base timing effects on tune

    The base timing doesnt haveto be set before tuning but it should be. Basically if u set the base timing correct then the ignition map numbers are true. If the base is not correct the ignition numbers are false. U will still get the same power results if the tuner has pushed to the knock limit, but if he has just tuned to what he thinks the engine can take and the base is retarded then power will be down
  4. U would think so but its the opposite. See what happens when u blow a cooler pipe off
  5. 180SX fuel pump not priming

    As above. Ensure there is power at the pump either when someone is cranking, or when u first turn the key one there will be power for 3 seconds. If there is and its still not priming trying earthing the negative wire from the pump to the chassis ground. If still no good need a new pump
  6. 180SX ,still problematic

    I havent been on here in ages and ur still having issue's. Have u tried cleaning the sensing element of oils etc just to see if the afm is still ok. For 1000 u could almost do a nistune and z32
  7. Check that there is no vacuum leaks including any piping loose etc since changing to stock airbox. U could try 6 heat range but doesnt seem right
  8. Which EMS to get?

    What are ur plans for the car. What do u use it for?
  9. My old drift S13. Tuned it last night for the new owner. Full NITTO build SR20. Low mount 3071r t28 flange. New 1200cc highflowed injectors. Drift suspension etc. Tomei solid top end. 22.9psi 307.7kw max run. 306.6kw on a higher load. Before and after Dyno sheet
  10. There is always oil in the intake pipe. Was the oil ontop of the spark plug aswell? If so the rocker cover and well gaskets needs replacing
  11. Stuck in limp mode right now

    Check all cooler pipes. Limp mode normally throws a check engine light. Check dtc's Swap afm with a working one
  12. What ecu do you have..

    Grammer Nazi... Its NIStune.
  13. Installed one of these to an s15 pretty good kit don't get me wrong, but i just do not see how you can get full engagement of the spigot when the input shaft is spaced so far back with the thick adaptor plate. Also the shifter position I thought was going to be in stock position after all the talk-up of the kit was disapointed that it was down to the left and was firm up against the hole in the body. And lastly the tailshaft options given are a bit expensive, $750 for a custom 3.25" one piece yeah fair enough bitmore than i would normally pay for a one peice, but then its still $750 for them to mod your current tailshaft which would only be the front section modded leaving the other half untouched. I cannot see why this option would cost the same as a custom one-piece. But the gearbox lined up beautifully to the plate, the instructions were easy to understand, and everything seemed to be of high quality. The bellhousing gets machined down to counter the adaptor plate