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  1. What do you look like?

    theres no need for offset with that set
  2. cant decide

    lol the poor mans bentley
  3. Des Moran Gunned down

    I think fat boy will end up knocking himself like his mum did in due time as his locked up in solitary for 23 hours a day and will be for the next 35 years without parol. Anyways ontopic Judy Moran definitely knew Des was to get killed that day at the cafe ... she also dumped the get away car and her house was also torched on fire last night at 11pm. 3 Guns, fake plates, clothing and a wig where found in the house that was apparently used in the hit.
  4. yeah thats a decent price, good luck with it all.
  5. Just got my ass kicked 4 0n 1

    dont get physically attacked to often ... but i do get harrassed online alot by dori garu
  6. fish oil

    blackmores 1000 anti inflammatory
  7. The fight game

    kickboxer have? no. next lol.
  8. The fight game

    why kickboxer? bloodsport doesn't cut it lol?
  9. gay city rail! rant time!

    goto court dressed homeless poor and get community service
  10. been fairly busy as of late but i'll rock down soon enough
  11. ninjitsu? lol wtf i wanted to do that when i was about 8 lol
  12. Favourite AFL team/player

    the saints fav players * some retired * rob harvey, danny wells, mcleod, lenny hayes, libatorae ... and newcomer nahas from richmond
  13. great series ... def cant wait for the 4rth film
  14. Only In America

    lol most guns are going to be effective on a 7 year old kid. true that. but u missed my point. effective as in, 4 people got shot by 2 bullets. ah gotchya