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  1. elzys fat type x

    Mine looks exactly the same color and wheels lol.......Looks good man
  2. Just saw a black sil80 in port adelaide looked real nice was in the silver type x
  3. 180sx / s13 meet up and cruise

    Im down for this aswell let me know wen it happens
  4. the rears will naturally have camber as you lower the car, as for them actually fitting? rimtuck.com will tell you.. they have crazy fitment on rimtuck but it doesnt say if camber arms are used and how much yea wen i got my wheel alignment its at like -1 on the rear
  5. i have a 180sx and gettin 17x9+12 and planning on putting 215/45 all round i have coils and im pretty sure the fronts will fit as i have camber tops but stock camber arms on the rear will the rears fit
  6. Thanks mate! No build thread but the lip is off a standard ca 180 bar. Think i saw this green s13 2day drive past on regency road looks clean as was in the silver 180
  7. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    lol pretty funny music video from korea got 21million views in a month hahahaha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0
  8. not sure about what car they were in cuz they ran away on foot and the neighbour didnt see a car or anything so they prob parked a block away or something
  9. My friends 32 GTR almost got stolen a couple off weeks ago lucky the neighbour was on his way to work and scared em off we asked him the next day and he goes it was 2 dudes and a fat chick 1 guy and the girl on look out and the other guy was in the car ohh and it was in the parafield gardens area
  10. yea but if they have already paid the fines back and should have lost their license then or what ever and if that was what like six months ago or what should they get their license back? then again what everyone is saying is that they have to go back to their P's or what ever so i guess that is whats happening
  11. Wrong! i wasnt sure but thats what happen to a friend of mine
  12. Another thing is that when you lose your license its from the day that the offence happened and if it was like a couple of years back shouldnt you get your license back right away??
  13. this is only if you make a payment plan to pay off the fine right?
  14. Hey a mate of mine has recently got himself an Audi A5 2010 model and has been looking around for a body kit for it does anyone on here know where he would be able to find 1 in Australia thanks
  15. whats your fav sport

    My fav you have to be motorsport and Basketball