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  1. how do i change status

  2. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    just woke up to the sound of people leaving.. , i didn't get out there and i live next door to the parklands in mannum from what i heard though a few cars went then
  3. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    Just on the riverside man, near the BBQ area. You won't miss us! Turn right down that little lane as you enter mannum. that is next door to my place , i live on the river
  4. n/a TALK <<

    theres a vid on youtube of a ca18de s13 sliding, he does pritty well, you notice the power lacking, i think it might be longer diff gearing though, i've got 4.11's and my gears feel closer together
  5. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    I'm the same as you, but i'm taking the risk it is ridiculous that they have to in the first place, but that's the way they do it down here i guess. the local police are alright. murray bridge cops on the other hand...
  6. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    i'll bring my camera out, where is meet spot in mannum, if your going to parklands i live next door to it so i can get pics and have em up hopefully before everyones home
  7. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    if your going to the parklands here in mannum, that'll be right next to my place.. lol should be good to meet the s.a members
  8. n/a TALK <<

    look at the cluster pic, it has a boost gauge
  9. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    hopefully the boat will be ready.. 454 big block love
  10. Stuff you got picked for

    i argued this point with the cops (Elizabeth cops defected me for extractors) and they stated all modifications were illegal from the start of the air intake to the end of the exhaust manifold, and also gave me more defects.. they do what they want, if they want to defect you they will, arguing with them makes it worse. being on p-plates doesn't help either..
  11. Stuff you got picked for

    You may as well buy a set of defect stickers and slap them on yourself to save cops the trouble haha i should have, just once a week stick one on and just leave it blank, sorta like a guilty plea, might get leniency haha
  12. Stuff you got picked for

    ive had about 6 cars and all but 1 got defected regularly 4x pod filter 4x extractors 2x too low 6x too loud 2x window too dark tint 3x rims too big and that many bald tyre defects its not funny..
  13. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    i live in mannum so i'd be keen to come out and say hello when everyones up here..
  14. yes it is. i've done it once, but i'd rather pay someone else to do it than do it myself again.. dry ice, makes it flake and come off in chunks,
  15. how do i change status

    how do i change my status?