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  1. All Japan Day

    Yes boss! We just need to locate a decent location first - tho I believe we will probably hit up Melb first. Great! Make sure you say hi! I will be the bitch on the door hahah Make sure you forward your photos (with a watermark) to be included in our gallery
  2. All Japan Day

    Not quite we have had a show at Adelaide every year since 2008. We had one show in Sydney in 2011 (i think it was) but none since then. Kat
  3. All Japan Day

    ASAP - we are nearly at capacity! Kat
  4. Help - Photo request

    I bought the car late 2003 in my last year of high school so yes post Fast and the Furious - hence the name EYECANDY - it was built for looks not for speed.
  5. Help - Photo request

    LEGEND thank you so much!! haha yes I am back
  6. Hey guys, Sorry a bit of an odd request.. most of you are probably to young to remember my car or me Can you guys please help me out those that do remember my Integra [EYECANDY]. I have lost all of my pictures of this car. If you do have any can you please send them to me? Thank heaps in advance! Kat
  7. I want name!

    Perhaps you should just report them to the police for dangerous driving? You have all the information they need... rego, make model etc..
  8. Perhaps we could run a survey to gauge how people heard about AJD?
  9. Well personally i'd love to have the day grow from being JUST a car show.. It is called All Japan Day.. not all japanese cars only day.. So i'd love to incorporate japanese: Food Brick a brack Parts Clothes Problem we will have is insurance.. we will have to charge more money and have more segregation.. maybe take on colley reserve?
  10. All Japan Day in Melbourne for April 2012

    So keen for this... Just not being stuck in a cube with the rest of the committee (all stinky boys!)
  11. Mine wasn't dumb as such I just got flammed for askin about retrimming seats and getting rails made up..
  12. I had steak today yummmmm so good
  13. TFITW- I'm sexy and I know it

    Omfg lolllllll