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  1. Tooth Jewellery

    Hey you might as well go all the way hehehe and get grillz, like Nelly says "smile for me girl, let me see your grillz" hehehehe enjoy!!! MY FAVE, HIP HOP grillz down below!! for me that would be so very uncomfortable! def not my cup of tea, but seriously think about it before getting it permanately done, otherwise you'll hate smiling! quick question...if a dentist puts it in, how do they take it out? would that involve a crap load of digging?? No not at all... the gem in not actually drilled into the tooth its put straight onto the tooth so it actually sticks out from your tooth but u can tell that by looking at it. Sometime just putting a scaler under it can flick them off if not they drill it but as they aint touching the tooth you cant feel anything... So really if you hate it just get it take off, they aint overly perm.
  2. Tooth Jewellery

    I ave been a Dental Nurse for 6 years now and have had the same tooth gem for 5 years of that. What ever you do DONT get it done by a beauty salon, nail place or any of these other places that do them apart from a dentist. Any dental surg can order them in for you and place then. All they do is etch the tooth and simply glue the gem onto the outside of your tooth without drilling or any perm damage to the tooth. When you etch a tooth it removes a fraction of a mm of tooth surface, this is why it is illegal for beauty salons to do this as its illegal for anyone but a dentist to remove tooth structure. For the first day or so you can feel it but after that u will never know its there. Word of advice for i thou, really think about what tooth you get it put on. Most people do the second tooth from the middle and i think this is when it looks cheap and tacky as its right in front. Mine is on the 3rd tooth or eye tooth. I think they look awesome, and still something not everyone has... I would just ring arund some dentist and ask who would be willing to order the gem in for you and place it...
  3. Photo of your ride

    Here is a couple of pics of mine. Before i started and progress ones. STILL NOT FINISHED ( thinking to myself will it ever be finished???)
  4. For the girls! Male Models (a bit rude!) ;)

    We so need some more pics.... Anyone???????
  5. For the girls! Male Models (a bit rude!) ;)

    By all means post away...
  6. For the girls! Male Models (a bit rude!) ;)

    Im a sucker for Football Players...... The things that make you go MMMMMMM
  7. For the girls! Male Models (a bit rude!) ;)

    Is that you in your avatar? Spread 'em... Yes that is me in my Avatar... whys that??? Wooo up sweet heart.... time to calm down, everyone likes different things, seeing as i see a personal trainer 4 days a week and work out 6days a week without any drugs is very easy to have arms bigger then that. And no i will NOT be posting up pics of my arms. Phee- keep on posting, you make my day with these hotties.... yum yum
  8. For the girls! Male Models (a bit rude!) ;)

    I TOTALLY agree ^^^^^^^^^^^ I think i have bigger arms then that guy and im a 20yr old female. No i still check out page one everyday for my daily hottie spotting. Only thing is you gotta look like Jessica Alba for these guys to even look twice at you... I want a hottie b/f
  9. For the girls! Male Models (a bit rude!) ;)

    Only if you b/f is ugly
  10. For the girls! Male Models (a bit rude!) ;)

    Hahahahahahahha this is looking like a pre school fight to me... This topis post up your bosy... so looking that up... gotta find me a valentines date... haha We should have a ns hottest b/f topis like that guys do about their g/f's
  11. For the girls! Male Models (a bit rude!) ;)

    Phee- we want more, why cant guys like this live in my neighboughhood????? DAM!!!!!!!!
  12. Me

    This is who i am