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  1. what to put in my 318i

    all great ideas! cheers lads. that e30 with sr20! damn - bit over kill tho ~ just like that utube vid! v6 wouldnt be too bad.. i just wish i kept my old rb20det for the bmw if only i knew! i did think about rotas for ages but like i said - not a big fan of the fuel bills and the damn noise - i wanna get away for that with this car.. ive got a r31 coupe with rb25det neo - 300kwrw etc - its way too much to drive about without ppl noticing - waay to raw not civilised at all - esp cuz of bolt on overfenders - watanabes - no rez or cat - no horn - dents from track... i need somethin that is almost the opposite of what that is - ca18det -- and someone suggested ka24de which seems promising... Cheers for the input btw, tops oh yea current motor needs rebuild - rings gone..
  2. what to put in my 318i

    you dont get it, i like the car.. i jus want it to be faster.. rebuild the engine or get a new one.. they seem equally expensive..
  3. what to put in my 318i

    fark, you tellin me rb20 would really fit? i just gave my old one off my skyline a few mths ago.. fckin lame
  4. what to put in my 318i

    crazy.. music blows
  5. what to put in my 318i

    RB26det lol yeah similar size to e30 - little small maybe.. id like to keep it 4 cylinder tho ... somethin that hauls but cheap on fuel too - if that even possible.. .
  6. what to put in my 318i

    hey guys. im jus needin some opinions on what is a good plan... ive adopted a e21 1982 318i off my old man for a run about car... my beast is too hectic to just go to work and back - fuel and police.. anywhos - the 318i has great paint and looks classic - pretty nice really.. but must say lacks in the balls dept.. in fact, it sucks a fat one.. was thinking, whats the best engine conversion i could get done on this little baby? ive seen some ppl have put ca18dets in them - and thought that would be pretty sweet.. i mean, its not for going too fast in, even think sr20de could cut it - to cruise in but balls enough to get up to speed (also dont know how stong the diff is either).. so yea.. lets have it - opinions ppl... if anyone knows what would work good - ca or sr are just examples, anythin over 110kws would be ideal.. post your ideas please. also if anyone would know how much work will be involved or costs would be great also - SOMTHING NEEDS TO BE DONE! ITS WAAAY TOO SLOW cheers yall