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  1. Apexi power fc with hand controller, genuine bosch z32 afm with tomei plug In excellent condition to suit s13/180sx mid model blacktop sr20 $950 plus delivery Kyle 0437428428.
  2. with the s13 timing chain tensioner, will it have no problem gaining oil pressure from the s14 block?
  3. ok iv done some research on this topic, im getting mixed answers that the s15 oil pump does fit onto the the s13 sr20 but with modifications? oil pick up? are the bolting points the same? thanks people!
  4. Genuine origin bodykits

    Cheers mate, looks like there still working on their new website.. I'm really keen on a 180sx streamline front bar :3
  5. Is there anywhere in Australia that sells genuine origin body kits? Or will it have to come from Overseas?
  6. hey mate, please pm price and color options on a set of work meister s1's 18x9.5 +3 and ‎18x10.5 +16
  7. Sr20 cam lobe wear

    its only surface damage but if i run my fingernail over it i can feel its not smooth, the reason behind the gasket glue was i had a previous new gasket leaked on me around the back of the rocker cover, it was also leaking down into the spark plugs so i thought id go all the way around
  8. Sr20 cam lobe wear

    anyone got any ideas? there must be a fix to this without replacing the cam shafts?
  9. Sr20 cam lobe wear

    I took advice from a diesel mechanic, he said to just use the engine oil Fark. Are they f**ked for good? I know this may sound rediculas but can I "condition" the cam lobes with emery paper replace the rocker arms and start over?
  10. Sr20 cam lobe wear

    I used the same engine oil (clean), did upgrade valve spring and also ran them in. Is there anything I can do from here to improve this?
  11. Sr20 cam lobe wear

    sorry about that, i went and took some photos.
  12. Iv installed a set of Brian crower 264 cams and driven about 500k's an noticed a slight ticking noise, got home and removed the rocker cover and found on the intake cam that some of the lobes have a strange wear pattern, the wear patter is the same width as the face of the rocker arm, could I have done something wrong on the install? I didn't bleed the lifters, also my stock cams didnt have this wear pattern when I removed them either? Iv checked the spray shafts (above cams) they aren't blocked.. This has really got me confused
  13. Today while driving my sil I noticed my sr was ticking excessively, as soon as I got home I took the rocker cover off and noticed #1 piston intake side had its rocker arm popped off, I have rocker arm stoppers and didn't over rev my engine at all. Could this of been from a lifter having air in it as the car has sat still for some time now??
  14. anyone know how well the BC step 2 264/264's would go with a 28/71?
  15. Ok then, would you know where I could get a pair of reconditioned or new drive shafts for a s13?