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  1. s14 exhausts

    being such good ground clearance would there be any troubles in lining the HPI front pipe up with a different cat and cat back system?
  2. Pretty sure the one at the back which sits where u would normally screw ur filter into should be connected to the centre of the new filter block and the front one goes to ur outer line on the oil filter block (return) Sweet, thats how I have it hooked up. Although I'm pretty sure the filter flows outside to inside.
  3. Its a real pain in the ass to move but I'll give it a try. to my knowledge the lines are around the correct way, I just looked at the old unit the oil filter was attached to and followed that. (line closest to the front of the car is oil out of block into filter).
  4. Hi Guys. I have done a bit of a search on this but found no great info, and nothing specifically SR20, so I was wondering if anyone here has experienced this and know if there is a problem or a fix. I installed an oil relocation kit a couple of weeks ago and now have the filter mounted on the driver side strut. Ever since there I can here a NEW sound. Its like a vibrating, whirring sound when ever I rev the the car (stationery or driving) It almost sounds a little delayed after you back off. Could this have anything to do with not priming the filter or air in the filter etc. I wouldn't have thought moving the filter would create a new sound. I also thought it might have been the alt belt too tight after the install but I have adjusted and checked that to no avail. If anyone has any info or suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. It's one of those things that would be so hit and miss for a mechanic to find. thanks Dan.
  5. thanks for the links, I might have to give them a go if I can't find any originals.
  6. Hi Guys. I know this is a bit strange but I'm trying to fit a set of skirts and was wondering if anyone had a couple of these clips (see pic) laying around they could send me!! Would make the job a lot simpler and cleaner I don't paying a few bucks for them and postage. Or if anyone knows where to buy them that would be great. thanks dan.
  7. Japan in January - What to see

    Thanks for the info guys. this is the first visit but hopefully not the last. Its primarily a Snowboard holiday in Hakuba but we have a few days in tokyo to have a look around. I plan on going back at some point to have a really good look around. Autosalon is on mid Jan so will miss that. Defiantly ready for the cold haha
  8. Japan in January - What to see

    thanks for the info guys. I will Have to check that out see if I can find what dates they are on
  9. Hi Guys. I'm off to Japan for the first time on Jan 23rd next year and am going to be based in Tokyo for several days. I'm just after some suggestions from everyone as to where to go and what to see automotive wise. I can't really find anything specific on the net. Thanks Dan.
  10. Exhaust - advice and opinions

    Did you just get this off the website? or is there a local supplier. Would people go Xforce or GKTech turbo back exhaust
  11. A-Pillar Gauge mount

    thanks mate, I did see the ones that have limited stock, they look really bulky and seem stick out a long way though. not sure if its the camera angle or not. the one you bought looks much neater.
  12. A-Pillar Gauge mount

    Im trying to find a good quality a pillar mount for my s14, has any one seen or bought one of these http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dual-Pillar-Mount-Gauge-Holders-Nissan-S13-S14-S15-Z31-/220636892017#ht_500wt_1180 seems a bit pricey for a no brander and the pics are shit so its hard to see if its any good. If anyone has any info on where to get a quality one from that would be great, looking for a dual. cheers.
  13. possible vct noise

    Hi guys. I no this topic is a year old but I just wanted to ask a few questions regarding this. I have EXACTLY the same symptoms as explained by S15PSI and was wondering if the problem was solved by a new solenoid or the gear needed replacing? I'm also dubious about getting a new gear for the fact that I have no rattle after the first little blip of the throttle, would this indicate that it may be a blocked solenoid not working properly first up. I guess the simple solution is to pull it out clean it and give it another whirl. I was also reading elsewhere that there are upgraded or improved solenoids now that may be a better replacement for the s2 s14 unit. finally how complex is it to change the gear yourself? I have done a fair bit f engine work but don't really like playing in the vicinity of the timing thanks for any info. Dan
  14. Just wondering if an SR tail shaft will work on my manual CA ? so hard to find and getting unrealistic quotes. just a joke. is the auto modifiable ? what are the differences anyway. any info would be sik. cheers , dan
  15. OFFICIAL MEET **list is up**

    sounds tops, keen as ill be there