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  1. They fit, s15 will fit as well
  2. Iphone Reverse Tether

    It will do it via wifi as you will be creating an ad-hoc wifi network. Google iPhone ad-hoc Internet sharing and you should get a step by step guide
  3. Iphone Reverse Tether

    get a wifi dongle for your work computer then create an ad-hoc wifi network, turn on ICS and connect iphone to computer via wifi.
  4. Kronic

    MDMA is still out there you just need to look in the right places. Confirmed test results as well. Also if your paying $20/g for bud maybe start looking elsewhere. I'm sick of kronic it tastes pretty bad, only lasts 1 hour, doesn't feel as good and is over priced.
  5. Kronic

    It's different. Unknown chemicals though so thc could be less harmful. It's fine as a substitute but in the interests of harm minimization your probably better off sticking to the real thing as it's been researched longer. The high from kronic is enjoyable though but tolerance builds quickly if using daily. If you want some good info check out the synthetic canabinoids thread in aus section of the bluelight forums. tl;dr kronic ok, weed better
  6. i rkn standard series 2 rear lights would clean it up alot more. Wing looks dope
  7. So I went to the Doctor Today

    Should use a vaporizer to reduce harm when smoking buds. Much healthier option. I highly recommend the extreme q. I personally think everything should be legal. That way you can ensure quality with less adulterants and have more accurate doses. Because it would make things open it would be easier to provide more accurate information, minimize harm and offer support services.
  8. Damn. Good price wish it was in vic
  9. Taxi rip offs in Brisbane

    I had a driver tell me my card didn't work and do it again. As soon as I asked for a receipt it magically changed to oh no it's been approved. Dodgy kent was trying to charge me twice

    Saw a cop car on a tow truck on ferntreegully rd wheelers hill, it looked like a blue s13 had ran in the back of it.
  11. 200sx/RPS13 on a +42 offset!

    No, that Ford Taurus is f**king horrid.... The Taurus AND the 180 look horrible. At least the 180 is an easier fix with better fitting wheels and more low but as it stands like that it's just wrong
  12. business to business ads

    Actually ignore that one it's boring to watch, this anz small business commercial is pretty good to watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5YMBWuRxR4&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  13. business to business ads

    How about that new anz ad on tv advertising business solutions for small business and it has that guy cleaning the windows who eventually goes in for a meeting?
  14. Hangover Cures, Whats yours?

    Smoke some crack pipes in the morning. Will feel 110%
  15. It says he just drew a dick next to one of the dead kids? That's not CP. Newfag should be using proxies and troll accounts for that anyway.